Monday, February 21, 2011

Room Changes

Over the past couple of weeks I got the itch to paint our living room! I was so tired of the "painters beige" thats been in there since we moved in 4 years ago! So for a more "spring" inspired look we painted!!!



Thursday, February 3, 2011

Not Fun...

Well I guess its time for an update. Things around here have been alittle crazy. We have had basketball games, baseball sign-ups, coaches meetings, parties, and oh the flu..

Poor Nick came home from school last Friday and the boy literally came in and took a shower and went to bed. We didn't see him again till 9 the next morning. Of course mommy kept checking on him and thought oh hes just tired!! So skip ahead 4 days of a 103 fever, complaining his legs hurt, and the runs, off we went to the Dr for them to tell me something I already knew, his Flu test came back positive.. Awesome :(

Then when I get home from the doctor my mom calls to let me know shes really sick and also got a positive flu test at the doctor that day. I feel so bad for both of them! My mom has the aches and pains alot worse than Nickdoes, but Nicks just keeps hanging on. Its been a week and the poor boy is still  in his bed 99% of the time and still running fever.. UGH The doctor told us to watch Justin and Emily closely and if they spiked a fever get them in asap for some tami-flu. Sadly Nick missed the 48 hour window for it and just has to suffer the full blown flu!! SUCKS!!

So keep little man in your thoughts and prayers. Hes fighting this crud like a trooper!!! Here he is eating alittle dinner..