Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Up Do

Its funny how a simple ponytail can make one look so much older.. Were has my bald baby gone...lol

Monday, November 22, 2010

His First Hunting Trip (Kinda)

So Justin, Daddy, Papaw, & Uncle Donnie took out to the woods this weekend. This was Justins first "Deer" hunting trip.. The kid was so excited.. Now you have to realize I come from a very "outdoorsy" family. I started hunting with my dad when I was 6 years old! I love it, being out in nature, sitting alone in the woods and having that time to "yourself".. I love it that my kiddos will get to experience the outdoors and gain the love and respect for nature.. I contribute alot of my childhood and being out around animals in the wild that led me to the field of veterinary medicine!

Now back to Justin, all week last week he would remind me of how many days they had before it was hunting time..haha They all headed out Friday night, Justin literally bouncing off the walls with excitement.. Joe told me when they got to the farm (an mid 1800's farm house on our property) Justin told him the house looked "old"..lol You have no idea son! Then Justin went inside and discovered there was no TV.. He then asked "what are we going to do now".. Papaw and daddy told him "we can do puzzles, play darts, or just talk".. So on they went to have the best dart competition (another first for Justin) ever..

I'm glad Justin got away from all the video games, TVs, ipods, etc.. Back to the "good Ol Days" so to speak.. Over the next 2 days they sat in the woods, laughed at the goofy squirrels, saw an armadillo the size of a large dog, and just had fun! Though they did not actually snag a deer, Justin had a blast and I think hes hooked! When he got home though he was plum wore out. Gave me a kiss, took his shower, and crashed into his covers!!

My little hunter :) - These were taken during Dove Season in August 2009, Mommy forgot to charge the camera before sending it with daddy this weekend so no pictures :(

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Little Grey Hairs

The other night Dixie was sprawled out in the floor and I looked over and couldn't help but notice how her face was getting so white. She turned 6 years old this year, and for Boxers that's entering her senior years. Shes such a sweet girl and hasn't yet begun to slow down. But it is hard to believe our "first" sweet girl is getting so big and so many little grey hairs!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Model Baby

So today Emily, me, & Aunt Jennifer hit the mall to do some shopping for the kiddos. While walking around JCPennys we were approached by a sweet lady from the portrait department! She asked if we would be interested letting Emily be a kind of a "test model" for some new backgrounds they just got in. Kinda like they wanted to practice with a real kiddo. She said they would give us some free pictures & eMail us all of the photos they shot! Of course, hello FREE Pictures you know I was all for that!

So here are some of the pics from Emilys day as a Model Baby..lol

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Warm Fall Soup

I have been looking for a good warm "fallish" soup or something other than the regular ol chili or beef stew! I have tried out a few, and found a few I like! One that everyone in the house "surprisingly" liked was this Butternut and Ham Bisque with pesto bread!!

Saute 1 medium sweet onion in alittle butter for a few minutes!
 - Add 5 Cups ButterNut Squash & 1 Cup Potatoes
(chopped & Peeled)
 - Add 5 Cups Chicken Broth
 - Add 1tsp Salt

Cover & Boil for 20 minutes on med/high heat!

Place in blender or food processor and blend Then place back into pot
 - Add 1/2 Cup Heavy Cream
 - Add 1 1/2 Cup Diced Cooked Ham
 - Add Pepper to taste

Warm Through & Serve with Toasted Bread w/ Pesto & Feta Cheese!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Last Home Run....

Of 2010 that it!!! Fall Baseball & Joes softball season is done! We get a break from baseball & softball till Spring 2011, WOW it seems weird to say "2011"..lol This year has gone by soooo fast! But don't worry you know this family will not be taking it easy, nope! Both boys wanted to play basketball this winter, so we got them signed up! Practice doesn't start till December, so I get November to rest I guess..lol

Fall Ball was sooo much fun this year. Justin moved up from the "little" kid park to the "big boys" park. He went from Coach Pitch to Kid Pitch baseball.. It was a big change, but a smooth one. I mean he had an awesome coach, his daddy!! Joe was asked to head coach a team this season, and to his surprise he loved it more than he expected too! I think he had more fun than the kids! I had several parents come up to me at the end of our last game asking if he would be coaching next season because they loved the way he coached and how good he was with the kiddos. His teaching method is so different than other coaches I have seen out there. Hes so much more passionate and actually teaches the kids instead of yelling at them like other coaches I witnessed out there!

After the season was over I asked him what was his favorite part and to my surprise he said "coaching Jordan (a kid that had never played baseball before, and by the time the season ended he was one of our best players) and he also said one of the best moments was when he learned his cousin (Chase) wanted to play again next season. Chase had a bad season with a crappy coach a few years back and didn't want to return to baseball. Joe and his mom convinced him to give it a try again this season with "uncle" Joe coaching, and he loved it!!! So Can I say anymore about this great team, coach, SEASON!!!

Justin & Chase

See you in he Spring!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Very Happy Halloween

This year Halloween fell on a Sunday, but the fun lasted all weekend!! We started off at a friend/neighbors house for a Halloween party on Friday Night. Nick and his best friends Taylor and Miss EmmaLynn were a sight to see. Thesse 3 have been best buddies for almost 3 years now! EmmaLynn lives the next street over so the party was not far from home! We had a blast! The kiddos played Halloween themed carnival games, did a cupcake walk, bonfire, haunted house, pizza, smores & much more!

Saturday was filled with our last baseball game (We WON), team party, then off to basketball sign-ups, dinner, and then home to carve PUMPKINS!! Nick really got into carving this year. The past few years he really hasn't cared to get in there and get his hands dirty, but not this year!. Emily on the other hand preffered to watch. We tried to let her scoop out her pumpkin, but she would not have it!!

Then of course Sunday night was all about TRICK-or-TREATING!! Jennifer, Ryan, and Chase came over to go with us. We roasted hotdogs before we went and smores after we got back! It was a blast!!