Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cast No More

Today Emily had her third follow-up appointment with the orthopedic doctor, and I am happy to say he released her! No more sling, no more xrays, no more broken arm! He said the xray still showed the "line" were the break was, but that it would disappear over the next couple weeks and Emily should never have any problems out of it again!  We feel so lucky!! He also said with this kind of break that he has never seen it ever "rebreak" in the same spot! AWESOME!

Emily is so happy to have the sling GONE! Mommy is still nervous everytime she falls over or tries to grab ahold of something and pull herself up, but I think its more me just being a mommy!!

So for your viewing pleasure, for the first time in 7 weeks Miss Emily WITHOUT her sling! :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rainy Day

Today was a wet one here in TN. We had high winds, heavy rains, and even a few tornados! The boys came home telling about their adventures hanging out in the hallway at school as the Tornado warnings came and went. Thank goodness we dodge the bullet and middle TN had no major damage from the storms! But I must say TN tornados make me even more nervous these days!

And the skies got dark... This is what it looked like all day in Middle TN!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Game Day

Sunday Joe & I were invited to a Tennessee Titans game by my mom & her friend Greg! We had so much fun!

 Mom gave Joe & I her field passes so we could experience going out on "the green".. It was wild to be so close to the players & see all the people you normally watch on TV! Some of my favorite players came right up to us!

After walking around the field we headed back up to meet-up with mom & greg! So Joe & Greg then ventured to their seats! Front row right at the goal post - AWESOME! Mom & I had been invited up to a reps club suite & OMGosh was it awesome. Great view, awesome (free) food & drinks! I have never had so much fun at a football game! Now I can't wait to go back! And the best part is the Titans WON!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Double Tooth

So Emily has been hard core trying to cut some teeth. She has 2 eye teeth coming in and a couple molars.. Well we got to looking the other day and she has a double tooth coming in as an eye tooth! Its basically were two teeth fused together at the base of the tooth early on.. It looks wild, but not really noticable! Ive never seen one before, but apparently they are common. Since its a baby tooth I don't think they will do much for it, but its still WILD!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Over A Month...

Can I just start by saying this month (almost 2) has been hectic beyond belief! I have fell behind in so many things from blogging, to sewing, to couponing! But I am starting to have time to get back into it all once again! So whats been going on over the past month(s)...

Well Emily decided to do this...

We were at a Friday night baseball game & I was loading up the stroller. I put Emily in & usually I snap her in, but she was playing with the buckle so I figured hey she would snap it shut as she loves to do. So I put her in & turned around & began loading our chairs under the stroller. The next thing I know she was on the ground! I picked her up (with most fear for if she hit her head).. I mean it was a foot & a half fall and I never would have thought her arm. Over the next 30 minutes she refused to use her left arm & just kinda whimpered! So fast forward 3 doctors visits & 14 xrays & she is happily healing a broken humerus arm bone!

The Boys, have well been "the Boys".. Both have been fighting a cold. Nicks ended him up in the ER were they told me he was fine. So after 2 pedi appointments & and ER visit I took it upon myself to get him in with Justins asthma doctor. Nick had been through 3 weeks of breathing treatments, two rounds of steroids, and rescue inhaler.. And the asthma doctor took 1 xray of his face and BOOM answers. Nick had a sinus infection (a bad one) one that has required 4 weeks of antibiotics!! But he is doing so much better!! Its amazing how much you can find out when your at a doctor that cares & doesn't just blow you off!

Justin oh we can't leave him out..haha He has also had a cold, but they started him back on his asthma meds & he is doing so much better! Baseball has been a blast! Justin also got to experience his first root canal (YES I said root canal) on Monday! He was such a trooper & had a blast with the laughing gas. Poor kid has had so many teeth issues thanks to all the steroids he received as a baby & really he still has to take them today with his Adair! We have a wonderful dentist that just loves our family & Justin just loves him.

So that's about it for our update! I promise to keep the blog up to date for everyone!! HUGS Suzie