Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hello There!

Wow I have been really lazy with my blog post lately! But to my defence its been crazy busy around here! Since school and fall baseball started Ive been busy, busy! So I guess its time for an update!

The boys are doing great. They both love school and have been having a blast! Justin started fall baseball and Nick is right out there helping. Joe was asked to step up and be a head coach, so this year hes moved up not just to a head coach, but we are no longer in coach pitch, but now in kid pitch baseball.. This makes me super nervous, but its been great so far. Joe loves it, Justin loves it, and so far nobodys gotten hit! (knock on wood)...

Emily is doing well. Shes had a sinus cold for about a week, which stinks! Shes lovin having mommy all to herself during the day! We play, go out, and just have "girl" time.. I think mommy loves it more :)

Joes doing great. With coaching the 9/10 year olds he is still playing fall softball himself with two different teams, not to mention the tournament team too! But he loves it and I do too so we can't complain!

As for me Ive gotten back into my sewing! I opened at Etsy shop (HERE) and have started selling some of my creations! Right now I make rag quilts & burp cloths, but am starting to add hair bow holders, baby quilts, and of course my dog beds Ive made for years! I love sewing and hopefully I can sell some of these items to keep going:)..

So thats about it! I promise to try and keep everyone posted better! HUGS

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So Excited

This morning Nick jumps up, more excited then I had seen him in awhile.. What was today all about? Well Mr Nicholas started "Big Boy" school today. Atleast thats what he has been calling it since we walked Justin through the Elementary School Doors 4 years ago! Nick started Kindergarten today.. Walking down that halway that I had come to know as a second home was alittle strange this time. Wow was it this time already. Was my last baby boy starting his journey through school. Is it true, is he really old enough to do this? The answer a simple YES!!

Nick proudly walked straight to his classroom. His teacher was standing at the door with a huge smile and it all seemed to fit. We found his desk and put his things away. He talked to his teacher as he quietly gripped my pants leg. She offered some block to play with on the magic carpet and poof that was it, he was off!!. After talking to his teacher for a moment she ventured to greet another smiley 5 year old at the door. Its then I noticed I had become the hovering parent. I silently told myself to go and walked over to Nick. He looks up and smiles, says "I love you" and starts playing again. I kiss his forehead tell him "I love him" and that I would see him later and made myself walk out.. And can you believe no tears on my behalf, welll maybe a couple :)

YAY Im a Kindergartener!

Growing too fast....

Off he goes...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mr. 3rd Grade

I can't believe my baby boy is in third grade already.. It seems like yesterday I was dropping him off at preschool and now this morning I watched him off to third grade. Hes so excited and I think snagged a great teacher this year. For today atleast Justin has school all to himself as Mr. Nick will join him in "big boy" school starting later this week!

Here is MR. 3rd Grade!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Accessories Kind of Girl

Emily has become quit a little accessories fan.. But she is still too young to really have "jewelry" so here recently she has begun to improvise..lol I snapped some pictures of her and the many "accessories" she has..lol - And don't worry she only has these when right in front of me and she doesn't wear them when we are not right there with her!!

Here she is with her brothers medal (her favorite)

The Wii Remote

The Snake
(notice the animal print slippers... love it)

And this was her yesterday with about 5 of my hair-ties
(guess they make good bracelets when you have no hair)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Those Times You Look Back

I have times like Im sure alot of people do were you bust out the photo books and baby books or even a home video or two and you look back. Sometimes you laugh and alot of times I cry. Good tears remembering moments in my life that changed me!!!

Like Ill never forget that first day sitting in my cousin Brandons house when Joe walks through the door, that split second my eyes shifted torward him and little did I know (except that he was HOTT) that he was my forever!!
Ill never forget that moment laying on the couch leaned back against Joes chest rubbing my belly as Justin kicked and kicked. How we both were amazed by something so amazing!!

Ill never forget walking through the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit doors and looking over into the bassinet with a baby so tiny, so fragile, with all these tubes and wires on him and thinking he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and how I would never let a moment go by and not let him know how special he is!!

Ill never forget the moment the ER doctor came in and told Joe and I they were sorry but we were loosing the pregnancy and then 7 months later the cry I heard as they laid our daughter on my chest and said shes PERFECT!!

I heard a song recently (The Breath You Take - by George Strait) and to me the lyrics say it all!!

"Life’s not the breaths you take
The breathing in and out
That gets you through the day
Ain’t what it’s all about
Ya just might miss the point
If ya don’t slow down the pace
Life’s not the breaths you take
But the moments that take your breath away"