Friday, January 27, 2012

I HATE the Unknown

I also HATE it when my kiddos are sick.. Over the past few weeks Justin has been having some headaches and no appetite.. Joe and I had also noticed he was gradually loosing his spunk, like he just didn't have any energy.. So I took him to the eye doctor to see if the headaches were linked to his vision.. They told us his eyes were fine and if the headaches continues to have him seen by his pediatrician..

Over the weekend Justin hit bottom with his energy levels so Monday morning I called and scheduled an appointment for Thursday.. Over the day monday and monday night he went from just no energy to having a 104 fever and extreme belly pain.. So first thing Tuesday morning I called and got him into the doctor. We went in about 9 am and they started checking him for flu, mono, strep.. But when they felt his belly the two doctors at the practice sent him across the street for a CT scan afraid he had an appendicitis.. After the scan they sent us back over to the doctors office for the results..

The CT showed his appendix was fine, but that he had Pneumonia in his right lung and some kinda unknown inflammation near his colon.. The pediatrician felt he needed to be admitted into the hospital for IV antibiotics and more testing.. So off to Childrens Hospital we went. He was admitted on Tuesday and discharged Wednesday night.. We left the hospital mad, confused, angry, and with no answers..

Mamaw brought him a DVD player & movies

So Thursday I had to bring Justin back into his pediatricians office for more testing and to set-up a game plan.. Over the next few weeks we are going to continue some testing, set him up with the GI specialist, and try to figure out what all this is and manage his pain!!

This little guy will smile even on his darkest day

I hate that we have no clue what is causing all of this.. I hate that I have been told at least 20 different "theories" and led to believe 20 different things by dozens of doctors. I hate that he is going through all of this pain!!
I LOVE that I have amazing family and friends that have been there over these past 5 days. Even those that can't physically be near have called, emailed, and texted us.. I LOVE that Justins doctor is there for us. She sees something is really wrong and is by our side and determined to find out the root to all of this.. I love that my son no matter how crappy of a day hes having, or how many times hes been poked with needles, he still smiles at everyone.. I love his spirit and he teaches me so much everyday..

I will keep everyone posted on everything.. Thank you again for the thoughts and prayers!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Couponing Funny

Here recently I have gotten back into couponing. Today I took Ems with me, she LOVES going couponing.. I mean Publix is the BEST place to coupon and shop with a toddler.. I mean you have the awesome "car" buggy to ride in, and the sweet ladies at the bakery give you a sprinkle sugar cookie every time you come!!

So on my trip today I was alittle bummed out. Seems here recently I have been running into some "shelf clearing" couponers.. I love to coupon, but I DESPISE the show extreme couponing.. I mean who really needs 60+ bottle of toothpaste, really.. Yeah you can donate it, but think of the couponer behind you who just wants 2 or 3 (like me) ;)-... Ok rant over!

So going up and down isles I knocked off half the items on my list, even 12 cans of cat food I got for $2... I scared Joe with this one. Came home and hes unloading groceries and says "why do we have cat food" with this look on his face like (oh crap).. I smile and said "oh I got a cat while you were at the farm this weekend".. I swear he didn't blink.. Then I smiled and said "just kidding" and told him it was for the donation bin.. Oh by the way I took an old tupperware tub thingy and I plan to fill it with stuff I get for free or near free with coupons that we don't really use, like cat food, and donate it!!

So we are unloading groceries and  yell out "shoot" (yes I did say shoot and not sh*t, be proud!).. After looking over my receipt, which was totaled at $87 before coupons/sales (I paid $32 - go me).. Joe is like whats wrong and I look over and start ranting I failed at couponing b/c I had this $1 off coupon for kids shampoo, it was on sale for $1.50 this week and I should have gotten it for $.50, but I grabbed the wrong shampoo and instead I paid $2.87 for a frickin $3 bottle of shampoo... Yes I was mad at myself, yes I felt like I failed, and yes my husband laughed his butt off at me. Yea now I will admit its funny, but now I know why my total was over $30 when I had it planned out to be under.. Guess next time I will look at barcodes!! :)

Girls night, Boys Weekend!

Friday night the boys took off with daddy, Papaw, Uncle Donnie, & cousin Josh (oh and Tracker the black lab) down to the farm for a "boys" weekend.. I remember these weekends from when I was Nicks age. Full of fishing, bug catching, hiking, squirrel hunting, bonfires, and much more.. This was Nicks first trip to the farm and to say he was excited was an understatement. They had a blast!! I got one phone picture the whole weekend because I guess they were having so much fun, momma was the last thing on their mind until nighttime in front of the bonfire..

They boys came back pooped out, and daddy did too.. Joe said he noticed Justin was having a hard time climbing the hills and didn't seem himself. The lack of energy and some other symptoms over the past few weeks has me wondering if Justin inherited my anemia.. So I'm going to give his pediatrician a call in the morning and see what she thinks.. Other than that I would say the weekend was a success..

So while the boys were off having fun the girls, aka me and Ems, had a girls weekend.. We were lazy, did alittle shopping, played outside (since we are mid January and it was 60 degrees today).. We went to eat Panda House, just her and I.. I'm loving these times and can't wait till we are getting our manicures and checking a "chick flick" out at the movies when the boys take off... Weekend SUCCESS!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Moments Caught

I love those little moments you catch on film. The ones you were not looking to get, but did... The other day I was taking pictures of the kiddo.. I love this one I got of the boys. My heart screams with happiness as I can see a future were these two are beyond the best friends. Im talking closer than you can imagine. They have that special brother bond, yet they have something more I see. They protect each other, comfort each other, and sometimes act like they want to kill each other.. But they are best friends....

And then when Justin ask me "can I take some pictures" and I hand him my camera.. Emily and I pose for some not so awesome cheesy pics, some even of our But then he caught this.. A moment I had missed, but he caught, and I LOVE!!!

Things around these parts have been mellow here lately.. No sports at the moments mean extra time at home.. Joes been going through a company change over the past month. After a big auction and see ya of StoneWorks, they re-opened a new company (Phoenix Granite & Marble).. Things have gone smoothly, but work is busting at the seams.. So hes been busy..

We got our first snowfall of the season. A light dusting, but it was enough to cancel schools and excite the kiddos AND

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Little Things in the Night

The other morning I was laying in bed after hitting the alarm clock for the 15th time and I started hearing this clinking/taping sound in the living room. I got up walked in and looked around but didn't see anything. I stood there with every light turned on when all the sudden one of Justins crayfish came crawling out from under the couch. The little booger had escaped. I swear I don't care to wake up to this guy ever again...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Master Bath MakeOver

I have been wanting to redo our Master Bathroom for awhile now.. Actually ever since we moved in almost 5 years ago. Finally I decided I wanted to go bright, fun, and somthing that was on the realxing side.. Since we just got over the holidays I aimed to do the makeover all for $50.. So here it is...

The $50 Master Bath MakeOver

And this lovely artwork was done by a local girl... ME :)

Also I had to re-organize the Master Bath closet!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

I was always told....

That little girls are sooo much easier to potty train than little boys.. Well apparently the people who uttered those words had never worked with this girl....

Today we started our potty training adventure, and like with the boys I took the no holds bar and just go straight to the undies, no pull-ups, no guards approach.. With the boys this was a great success. Both were FULLY trained, and yes night trained too, within 72 hours!!!

With Emily this is the enemy... (don't even DARE to ask her to sit on the other potty)

And this is my sidekick for today....

She has yet to "go" on the potty, yet has drenched her fair share of her special Dora big girl undies... The boys I would ask every 10-15 minutes "hey do you need to go potty", but I have found if I ask Emily more than 2 or 3 times in an hour period she gets frustrated and the tears flow...drama!

So we will see how this goes and if it doesn't improve we might just pull the plug on the potty training train and try again at a later date.. UGH stay tuned!! :)

1/18/2012 UPDATE...

Little Miss is doing great and completely out of daytime diapers. We do still wear pull-ups to bed, but 2 out of 3 nights she wakes up dry.. She was stubborn at first, but took off.. YAY

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Year Start to Finish

A friend of mine shared this idea with me and I loved it.. You take a picture the first day of the year and one on the last day and you have a year comparison shot!! Love it.. So lets see how much the kiddos grow in a year...




Thursday, January 5, 2012

Movie Nights

I must say we love netflix around here. We have been getting movies for over 2 years now!!! We do the 2 out a one time plan, and I try to set it up so we get one "mommy/daddy" movie and one "kid/family" movie in at the same time!! Then its on for Movie Night!!!

We gather up our popcorn and candies and all pile up, usually in my bed, sometimes we get every blanket in the house a pile on the couch and floor, but my beds seems so comfy.. Thing is I need a bigger bed, I mean with Joe and the 3 kiddos I have to squeeze in on the side.. But hey its worth it..

Here we are watching the Smurf movie the other night!! Love movie nights!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year

Happy New Year...

Welcome 2012, I am so glad you have arrived. I am not shy to say I am a little (lot) happy to see 2011 fade off into the sunset. Yes we had great moments in 2011, but it was also one stressful, trying, hard year. In this past year I have faced some of my hardest times, but I have not been alone. I have seen family members also face some of theirs. I don't want to forget the past year, but I am so excited to look to the future...

2012 is going to be a good ride, I can feel it. I mean already it has some great things in store for us! This year I will leave my 20's behind, we will watch our little 36 week preemie boy become a double digit midget! Joe and I are set to celebrate a great event in July, and in the fall one sassy little girl will adventure into preschool! We also have big dreams, hopes, and goals we just know we will reach in 2012!!

In the past I have never been big on New Years Resolutions, but this year I feel a change. This year I'm setting goals for myself and they will be met!!! So what you may ask is (are) my new years resolution(s)...

This year I will....
 - Be more confident in myself as a wife and mother!
 - Do more for myself & take time for myself
 - Don't stress so much over the little things
 - Open my eyes more to the world & people around me
 - Work hard for my family
 - Work hard for myself
 - Have FUN!!!!

I'm telling you 2012 is going to be awesome! Just sit back and watch, or even better join us in this ride!!

Happy New Year!