Sunday, January 22, 2012

Couponing Funny

Here recently I have gotten back into couponing. Today I took Ems with me, she LOVES going couponing.. I mean Publix is the BEST place to coupon and shop with a toddler.. I mean you have the awesome "car" buggy to ride in, and the sweet ladies at the bakery give you a sprinkle sugar cookie every time you come!!

So on my trip today I was alittle bummed out. Seems here recently I have been running into some "shelf clearing" couponers.. I love to coupon, but I DESPISE the show extreme couponing.. I mean who really needs 60+ bottle of toothpaste, really.. Yeah you can donate it, but think of the couponer behind you who just wants 2 or 3 (like me) ;)-... Ok rant over!

So going up and down isles I knocked off half the items on my list, even 12 cans of cat food I got for $2... I scared Joe with this one. Came home and hes unloading groceries and says "why do we have cat food" with this look on his face like (oh crap).. I smile and said "oh I got a cat while you were at the farm this weekend".. I swear he didn't blink.. Then I smiled and said "just kidding" and told him it was for the donation bin.. Oh by the way I took an old tupperware tub thingy and I plan to fill it with stuff I get for free or near free with coupons that we don't really use, like cat food, and donate it!!

So we are unloading groceries and  yell out "shoot" (yes I did say shoot and not sh*t, be proud!).. After looking over my receipt, which was totaled at $87 before coupons/sales (I paid $32 - go me).. Joe is like whats wrong and I look over and start ranting I failed at couponing b/c I had this $1 off coupon for kids shampoo, it was on sale for $1.50 this week and I should have gotten it for $.50, but I grabbed the wrong shampoo and instead I paid $2.87 for a frickin $3 bottle of shampoo... Yes I was mad at myself, yes I felt like I failed, and yes my husband laughed his butt off at me. Yea now I will admit its funny, but now I know why my total was over $30 when I had it planned out to be under.. Guess next time I will look at barcodes!! :)

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