Friday, January 27, 2012

I HATE the Unknown

I also HATE it when my kiddos are sick.. Over the past few weeks Justin has been having some headaches and no appetite.. Joe and I had also noticed he was gradually loosing his spunk, like he just didn't have any energy.. So I took him to the eye doctor to see if the headaches were linked to his vision.. They told us his eyes were fine and if the headaches continues to have him seen by his pediatrician..

Over the weekend Justin hit bottom with his energy levels so Monday morning I called and scheduled an appointment for Thursday.. Over the day monday and monday night he went from just no energy to having a 104 fever and extreme belly pain.. So first thing Tuesday morning I called and got him into the doctor. We went in about 9 am and they started checking him for flu, mono, strep.. But when they felt his belly the two doctors at the practice sent him across the street for a CT scan afraid he had an appendicitis.. After the scan they sent us back over to the doctors office for the results..

The CT showed his appendix was fine, but that he had Pneumonia in his right lung and some kinda unknown inflammation near his colon.. The pediatrician felt he needed to be admitted into the hospital for IV antibiotics and more testing.. So off to Childrens Hospital we went. He was admitted on Tuesday and discharged Wednesday night.. We left the hospital mad, confused, angry, and with no answers..

Mamaw brought him a DVD player & movies

So Thursday I had to bring Justin back into his pediatricians office for more testing and to set-up a game plan.. Over the next few weeks we are going to continue some testing, set him up with the GI specialist, and try to figure out what all this is and manage his pain!!

This little guy will smile even on his darkest day

I hate that we have no clue what is causing all of this.. I hate that I have been told at least 20 different "theories" and led to believe 20 different things by dozens of doctors. I hate that he is going through all of this pain!!
I LOVE that I have amazing family and friends that have been there over these past 5 days. Even those that can't physically be near have called, emailed, and texted us.. I LOVE that Justins doctor is there for us. She sees something is really wrong and is by our side and determined to find out the root to all of this.. I love that my son no matter how crappy of a day hes having, or how many times hes been poked with needles, he still smiles at everyone.. I love his spirit and he teaches me so much everyday..

I will keep everyone posted on everything.. Thank you again for the thoughts and prayers!!

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