Thursday, January 19, 2012

Moments Caught

I love those little moments you catch on film. The ones you were not looking to get, but did... The other day I was taking pictures of the kiddo.. I love this one I got of the boys. My heart screams with happiness as I can see a future were these two are beyond the best friends. Im talking closer than you can imagine. They have that special brother bond, yet they have something more I see. They protect each other, comfort each other, and sometimes act like they want to kill each other.. But they are best friends....

And then when Justin ask me "can I take some pictures" and I hand him my camera.. Emily and I pose for some not so awesome cheesy pics, some even of our But then he caught this.. A moment I had missed, but he caught, and I LOVE!!!

Things around these parts have been mellow here lately.. No sports at the moments mean extra time at home.. Joes been going through a company change over the past month. After a big auction and see ya of StoneWorks, they re-opened a new company (Phoenix Granite & Marble).. Things have gone smoothly, but work is busting at the seams.. So hes been busy..

We got our first snowfall of the season. A light dusting, but it was enough to cancel schools and excite the kiddos AND

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