Sunday, April 26, 2009

Full Term

So as of today Miss Emily is "technically" full term. Meaning if born today or after she would not be called or considered "pre-term" or "premature" like her brothers. Even though today she turns 37 weeks, if I had my original due date she would be over 38 weeks. But either way she is a healthy little girl and I can't wait to meet her.
Something I'm not use to is this waiting. With both boys their births were a surprise out of the blue. With this pregnancy I was told last week any day now and ever since I swear Joe and I and alot of the family have been on pins and needles waiting for her to come. Even my doctor thought she would come last week or this week. It seems like my "body" is ready, yet it won't just jump the gun. As of Thursday I am a "soft"3cm dilated and 70% effaced. She said Miss Emilys head is now fully engaged and ready, yet I still sit here pregnant.
I'm so glad she has cooked this long and its not like I want her out now, I just hate this minute to minute maybe stuff. I feel like a watched pot sometimes, but I know her daddy and everyone else is just eager to meet her too. So I guess we will see. Right now its up to one very special little girl that I can't wait to meet!
Below are two pictures to show how much she has dropped in 2 weeks!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

36 Weeks - I'm DONE

Well I will officially be 36 weeks tomorrow. I had my last 17-hydroxyprogesterone shot Thursday night, and I am so happy to be D-O-N-E with those suckers,woohoo! My appointment went great Friday. Emilys heartbeat was in the 150's and she was moving like crazy. My doctor checked me and to our surprise she is still indeed head down, infact she is super looooow.. Im already 2cm dilated and 70% effaced.. My OB stated that women can stay at 2cm for weeks, but usually not women with my history.. She told me to really start watching my contractions because they are indeed dilating my cervix! She said in her own words when I asked how much longer did she think I would last and she said "hopefully we will get a week, maaaaybe two, but that she was on-call this weekend" I told her I didn't "feel" like it was time and I'm hoping to last past my appointment next Thursday! But its out of our hands at this point and we could "go" at anytime..

When I called Joe and told him he got so excited, me I'm nervous now..hehe But things are going good. We have a busy weekend this weekend with games, baseball pictures, and my baby shower. I'm feeling OK today, my back is killing me, but we found out that's because Emily is sunny side up instead of head down so shes banging her head on my tailbone!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and I will post if anything changes! HUGS

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We had an AWESOME Easter this year.. The boys had so much fun and the weather actually was pretty nice! The boys got lots of stuff in their baskets! Even little Miss Emily got her first Easter basket from her Mamaw!!

Over the past week or so Joe and I have been talking about how blessed our lives are. We have two amazing little boys that take my breathe away every single day! We have the support of an amazing family and some pretty awesome friends! We live in a great home in a wonderful neighborhood (btw my Mothers Days gifts make my house even more awesome - will post pics later!!).. And now we are counting down the days till we are yet blessed again with a new life!

And sometimes tragedy makes you realize how blessed you are. Friday April 10, 2009 and F-4 tornado touched down less than a mile from our house and traveled over 10 miles destroying many homes and taking the life of a mother and her infant daughter. Thank god the boys were home with me and that we were safe. I had just left my doctors appointment and crossed over Thompson lane on my way to my dads to pick the boys up, literally 30 minutes before the tornado touched down, taking out everything along that stretch on Thompson Lane.. By the time I got to dads the hail started, about pea size and it covered the yard, I even took video on my phone not ever thinking a tornado was destroying the road I had just turned off of! Driving through Murfreesboro this weekend and week and seeing the destruction my heart breaks for the family's that lost so much and hugging the boys alittle tighter and thanking god he spared us!

Here is a link to a video that shows the destruction! Please keep the families of the Murfreesboro tornado in your thoughts and prayers! The picture below was taken on Murfreesboro Road/Broad street as the tornado went down Thompson Lane. *I didn't take it, but wanted to share*

Here are some pictures from Easter and also a 10 week comparison picture of "the belly"!!!

Easter Morning

Trying out the new jump ropes

Nicks first taste of pop rocks!

Egg Hunt

Not taking his eyes off the money!

25 Weeks - 35 Weeks

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Passing The Time

So tomorrow is my 34 (almost 35) week check-up and I am eager to see if there is any change.. This week has been pretty smooth, with the exception of the constant nausea.. None of my meds are working and I feel like I'm in the first trimester all over again. Thank goodness though I can still eat, its just literally seconds after I get done I feel like crap for a few hours!

I'm so excited to be trucking along in this pregnancy. And its funny by this time with the boys I was counting down the days till the end. In fact the end is getting close now and I'm kinda sad and really nervous. People often look at me weird when I say that too. I guess with this being my third I should feel calm and cool, WRONG! I'm worried about L&D and hopeing its not as crazy or traumatic as mine with Nick. I'm worried about the boys, Joe, and Emily.. Heck I'm just a bag on nerves right now. Lets blame it on the hormones!

So after tomorrow I will have only one OHP shot remaining. My OB was hopeful we would make it to the last shot, and now that its almost time I feel like I'm on borrowed time. Lord all I want is this girl to come out healthy! At least she has beat her brother by almost a week as far as time baking. Nickster was born at 34 weeks!

So enough about me lets jump to the boys. They had their "Big Brother" class at the hospital Wednesday night. They got to see 3 newborn babies in the nursery, and also the rooms mommy would be having Emily in and all the "cool" machines as Justin called it that would be hooked to mommy! Joe also got the lay of the land. Even though I have been hospitalized twice this pregnancy in the post partumn unit, this time he got the facts on how to get me in and checked in if history repeats itself and I'm incapacitated in pain again this

Also helping pass the time is baseball season. Both Joe and Justin have started games and are having a blast. Also Easter this weekend and my baby shower next weekend I have plenty of things to keep my mind off whats to come! So I hope everyone is having a great Spring so far and has a very Happy Easter!

Here are some pics of the past 2 weeks and of our picnic at the river!