Thursday, April 9, 2009

Passing The Time

So tomorrow is my 34 (almost 35) week check-up and I am eager to see if there is any change.. This week has been pretty smooth, with the exception of the constant nausea.. None of my meds are working and I feel like I'm in the first trimester all over again. Thank goodness though I can still eat, its just literally seconds after I get done I feel like crap for a few hours!

I'm so excited to be trucking along in this pregnancy. And its funny by this time with the boys I was counting down the days till the end. In fact the end is getting close now and I'm kinda sad and really nervous. People often look at me weird when I say that too. I guess with this being my third I should feel calm and cool, WRONG! I'm worried about L&D and hopeing its not as crazy or traumatic as mine with Nick. I'm worried about the boys, Joe, and Emily.. Heck I'm just a bag on nerves right now. Lets blame it on the hormones!

So after tomorrow I will have only one OHP shot remaining. My OB was hopeful we would make it to the last shot, and now that its almost time I feel like I'm on borrowed time. Lord all I want is this girl to come out healthy! At least she has beat her brother by almost a week as far as time baking. Nickster was born at 34 weeks!

So enough about me lets jump to the boys. They had their "Big Brother" class at the hospital Wednesday night. They got to see 3 newborn babies in the nursery, and also the rooms mommy would be having Emily in and all the "cool" machines as Justin called it that would be hooked to mommy! Joe also got the lay of the land. Even though I have been hospitalized twice this pregnancy in the post partumn unit, this time he got the facts on how to get me in and checked in if history repeats itself and I'm incapacitated in pain again this

Also helping pass the time is baseball season. Both Joe and Justin have started games and are having a blast. Also Easter this weekend and my baby shower next weekend I have plenty of things to keep my mind off whats to come! So I hope everyone is having a great Spring so far and has a very Happy Easter!

Here are some pics of the past 2 weeks and of our picnic at the river!

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