Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

I know this post is alittle late, but hey its not my fault... Christmas night oh around 11pm I got my last and most expensive gift. A lovely virus called "the system tool" virus and it so lovely crashed my computer, boom kicked it dead. So 4 days, over $200, and one geek squad later I am BACK!!! And yes I learned my lesson, never will I allow that dang anti-virus to expire again! So now for the real Christmas!

We had a totally awesome Christmas this year! I seriously could not have asked for a better one! We started off spending Christmas eve with Joes side of the family! The kids had a blast and I filled my belly with all the good eats! Here are a few snaps of the festivities!

Later we headed home to get ready for Santas visit. We made cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate for Santa and read the night before Christmas before heading to bed! Later that night the "guy" in red made a stop by the house as three little ones dreamed away in the other room!

We woke up bright and early Christmas day, and don't be mad, but mommy got NO PICTURES. instead I was too busy video taping everything, I totally forgot!! The kids had a blast opening all the gifts! After playing with their new toys, we got ready and headed to my moms for some more yummy food!

My mom got a sweet little puppy for Christmas, OMGosh I love him so! So far his name is "little man"..hehe

After spending the day with mom we packed up and headed over to my dads for dinner and more fun!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Its A First

This week Mr Nicholas lost his first tooth!! He was so excited and still tells AND shows everyone he meets or sees about his missing tooth and visit from the tooth fairy!

 Also over the past couple of months Justin has been trying to grow his hair long. But the boy has a double crown on his head so it basically looked like he had two Alfalfa hair points sticking up! So this week he asked to get it cut like his daddies hair.. I'm so glad he did as it looks so much better. But it also looks like hes lost about 20 lbs and grown 5 years!

And this picture is totally random of Miss Emily, but she has really gotten into coloring and drawing and I noticed she does the EXACT same thing I do when I'm "thinking".. We bite the pen, lol... I guess she did get some traits from her momma!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Your Bucket List

I recently read a blog were the bloggin momma started a "Life List".. I need one of those I thought?!?!, I mean I have heard of a "Bucket List" and I most certainly have dreams, wishes, and wants out of life, but I never have sat and thought about writing them down! Well I guess now is as good a time as any! I encourage everyone to not only think about what they want to do before they leave this earth, but write it down, blog it, or just simply put it into words... Then get started on crossing things off on your bucket list!!!

So here we go in no particular order! I'm sure over time I will add to and change things on my list, but a girl has to start somewhere!

1 - Visit Alaska (See The Northern Lights)
2 -  Become a Licenced Wildlife Rehabilitator
3 - Go on a Cruise to the Bahamas
4 - Take my kids Camping & Hiking out west (See the Grand Canyon)
5 - Go Back to School
6 - Get A Passport & Travel to an overseas Country
7 - Pay for a Car in CASH
8 - Start an Animal Rescue
9 - Watch the Sunset on a beach in Australia
10 - Learn to play the Piano
11 - Go to a Spa & get pampered head to toe & not worry about the cost
12 - Go White Water Rafting w/ my Kids & Hubby
13 - Go Gambling in a Casino
14 - See A Broadway Play
15 - Play on a Softball team w/ my husband

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Random Picture Tuesday....

My three reasons for the season...

Speaking of season Its looking alot like Christmas around these parts. Over the weekend we got 1.5 inches of snow and tonight we are slated to get ICE... Umm Ill take the snow ;)

Monday, December 13, 2010

What is that I spot

We are seeing little red dots every were here in the Lannom Emily had a rash come up Friday night.. I thought it was her eczema on her back so I lotioned, lotioned, lotioned.. We woke up Saturday to a few more spots. Saturday night my mom kept the kiddos and when we got to her house I pointed them out to her. From the time of her bath till the time I showed mom at her house they had come up all over her back and upper thighs.. Besides trying to itch her back Emily really had no other symptoms of a cold or viral thing.. Sunday more spots slowly came out. When I went to give her a bath last night I took her clothes off and they were EVERYWERE.. I kept saying the whole time it looks like chicken pox, but was like no it couldn't be.. So I talked to the on call nurse and she told us to just come in Monday morning.

So over the night we were blessed with roughly 2 inches on snow, that's enough to shut down our neck of the woods.. So Joe stayed home to take us in to the pediatrician..

By this time Emily had little red spots all over, all on her face and in her hair.. Today she is grumpy, but still no fever, lethargy, or anything.. The Pedi told us she was 99% sure it was the pox. She said we would know 100% if they start to scab as the week goes on.. We looked back through her chart ad she actually missed her 15 month shots when she aspirated fluid and had a mild pneumonia  and so we missed that shot, so no immunity.. AWESOME (not)...

So as of right now she is getting benadryl and Tylenol and been put on house arrest (quarantine) The boys are bummed mommy and Emily will miss their Christmas plays this week, but daddy is going to go and take video for us! So I guess all I can say is... Here chicken chicken CHICKEN... ;)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Moving Slowly

I feel like these past few weeks I have been moving in slow motion. We finally got our Christmas Tree up this past weekend. For years it was a tradition to put it and the lights around the house up the day after Thanksgiving, but this year it took us an extra week to re-coup.. But I must say it looks pretty good, even if all the ornaments are up high on the tree just above the reach of your average 18 month

Also I have been putting off getting our Christmas pictures taken. Yep I know not to do that next year. Our photo session stinked. I'm not one to complain about a place, but I was very unhappy with the way we were treated and the quality of the pictures we got. But that being said we did get them done this week and well were are my Christmas cards at, in the mail??? Nope they are sitting here in front of me on the computer starring at me...

In other news the kids are getting excited for Christmas. They have plays at school this week and both have Christmas parties on Friday.. Its wild to think Christmas is just two weeks away today! I'm proud to say I am done with my shopping, well except for some "stocking stuffers".. I had alittle set-back this week finishing my shopping when for two days I was without shower. Yep its always this time of year when something needs to be fixed. This year our hot water heater decided to die on us (TWICE, thats 2 water heaters in 2 weeks). Oh and since it was over 10 years old and the previous owners did most of the "work" on the house themselves, we couldn't just simply put in a new water heater, no.. Instead Joe had to run new plumbing in the garage to fit the new water heaters. You know they are alot taller these days, and pricey.. But hey we have hot water now :)...

So now I'm off to get myself in gear and finish these cards. Hope you all are moving faster than me!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Turkey Day, but the rest....

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had well, a very interesting one to say the least...

So we packed up and headed to the airport Wednesday morning. The airport website and our ticket website both urged families to get to the airport no later than 2 to 2.5 hours before you scheduled flight. So we arrived around 9:30am for our 12pm flight! We got our tickets, took all of 5 minutes, got to security and oh my was it EMPTY. Took us a total of 6 minutes to get through.. REALLY?!? So now what for the next 2 So we grabbed a snack and headed to our gate to wait it out!
So after about 15 minutes at the gate Emily and I headed to the potty. As I walked past the departing flights screen I see a delayed next to our flight. Infact it was the ONLY delayed flight in the whole airport! SO plane number 1 ended up leaving 2 hours late. Awesome! But hey we finally made it on the plane! Kids had a blast on their first flight!

My co-pilot Justin

So we arrive in Newark, NJ or as Nick kept saying "were in New York".. We head to our gate only to find that plane number 2 was 2 hours late now.. Fun times!!

But we made it to Virginia and Finally got to see everyone! Including New baby Aliyah.. OMGosh I love her so much!

 So we visit with the family and then head to bed for a LONG night sleep.. Oh wait we didn't sleep. At 1am poor Emily wakes up throwing up and sicker than a puppy! It last until about 5am but finally we all got some sleep! The next day she was fine. But oh how I wish I would have known what was coming!!

Thanksgiving was AWESOME. We had tons of great food and had a blast with Joes mom and family. Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving Day...

So we headed to bed and had a great night sleep. All the "girls" woke up Friday morning to do some Black Friday Shopping. We had a blast!! After shopping we met up with the guys and Joe, his mom, me, and the kiddos headed off to lunch and Yankee Candle! After we got back I laid down with Emily and took a nap. I woke up feeling not so good. The next few hours were a blur, but I became sicker than I had been in a long time. And about an hour after I fell ill poor Justin starting getting sick and it was just as bad as me. Both he and I had a hard night. So when it came time at 5am to get up and get ready fo the airport to say the least we were bad off..

So we get to the airport, Im barely standing at this point. They grab some breakfast and we catch our first flight. We arrive in Atlanta and get on our connecting flight. At this point Justin is in worse shape than me. We get on plane number 2 for the day and as soon as its boarded they announce we have to de-board for maitinence issue. We get off and over the next 4 hours it is delayed time after time. At this point Emily has had enough of the airport, Nick is bored out of his mind. Joe is dealing with them because Justin and I are barely able to move. We actually passed out in the floor (b/c all the seats were taken)..

Joe took this pic b/c he said we looked like hamsters. Justin and I were balled up and he was smooshed against the metal pole like two hamsters in a cage..(can you even see Justin) Makes me laugh now ;)

So after 4 hours they end up cancelling our flight. By the time we get to the ticket counter they tell us there are no more flights directly to Nashville from Atlanta. So they put us on a plane to Memphis and we are to fly there and connect to another flight to Nashville (stupid).. So we get on plane number 2 or I guess 3 of the day and fly to Memphis. We arrive in Memphis and Joe looks at me and says he feels like hes gonna be sick.. So I send him to the potty and I take kids and tickets to the gate and check in. As I am standing there the time goes from plane leaves at 7pm to plane leaves at 10:45pm.. WHAT we were supose to frickin be home at 1pm, now we MIGHT get home at midnight.. I litterally just start bawling. After calming me down, and Emily (no nap and extremely fussy Emily), a Delta airlines manager comes over and after talking with her for about 45 minutes we decide since 99% chance this plane is going to be cancelled (and it was) they put us up in a hotel room and gave us some meal vouchers. So at 8:30 we arrive at the hotel, grab some food and PASS OUT! Arrive BACK at the airport at 7am, get on a plane at 8:30 and we make it home around 10!

To say the least it was an adventure. We had a blast in Virginia, but I think we have had our fill of flying for a few

Happy Turkey Day

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Up Do

Its funny how a simple ponytail can make one look so much older.. Were has my bald baby

Monday, November 22, 2010

His First Hunting Trip (Kinda)

So Justin, Daddy, Papaw, & Uncle Donnie took out to the woods this weekend. This was Justins first "Deer" hunting trip.. The kid was so excited.. Now you have to realize I come from a very "outdoorsy" family. I started hunting with my dad when I was 6 years old! I love it, being out in nature, sitting alone in the woods and having that time to "yourself".. I love it that my kiddos will get to experience the outdoors and gain the love and respect for nature.. I contribute alot of my childhood and being out around animals in the wild that led me to the field of veterinary medicine!

Now back to Justin, all week last week he would remind me of how many days they had before it was hunting time..haha They all headed out Friday night, Justin literally bouncing off the walls with excitement.. Joe told me when they got to the farm (an mid 1800's farm house on our property) Justin told him the house looked "old" You have no idea son! Then Justin went inside and discovered there was no TV.. He then asked "what are we going to do now".. Papaw and daddy told him "we can do puzzles, play darts, or just talk".. So on they went to have the best dart competition (another first for Justin) ever..

I'm glad Justin got away from all the video games, TVs, ipods, etc.. Back to the "good Ol Days" so to speak.. Over the next 2 days they sat in the woods, laughed at the goofy squirrels, saw an armadillo the size of a large dog, and just had fun! Though they did not actually snag a deer, Justin had a blast and I think hes hooked! When he got home though he was plum wore out. Gave me a kiss, took his shower, and crashed into his covers!!

My little hunter :) - These were taken during Dove Season in August 2009, Mommy forgot to charge the camera before sending it with daddy this weekend so no pictures :(

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Little Grey Hairs

The other night Dixie was sprawled out in the floor and I looked over and couldn't help but notice how her face was getting so white. She turned 6 years old this year, and for Boxers that's entering her senior years. Shes such a sweet girl and hasn't yet begun to slow down. But it is hard to believe our "first" sweet girl is getting so big and so many little grey hairs!!!