Monday, November 22, 2010

His First Hunting Trip (Kinda)

So Justin, Daddy, Papaw, & Uncle Donnie took out to the woods this weekend. This was Justins first "Deer" hunting trip.. The kid was so excited.. Now you have to realize I come from a very "outdoorsy" family. I started hunting with my dad when I was 6 years old! I love it, being out in nature, sitting alone in the woods and having that time to "yourself".. I love it that my kiddos will get to experience the outdoors and gain the love and respect for nature.. I contribute alot of my childhood and being out around animals in the wild that led me to the field of veterinary medicine!

Now back to Justin, all week last week he would remind me of how many days they had before it was hunting time..haha They all headed out Friday night, Justin literally bouncing off the walls with excitement.. Joe told me when they got to the farm (an mid 1800's farm house on our property) Justin told him the house looked "old" You have no idea son! Then Justin went inside and discovered there was no TV.. He then asked "what are we going to do now".. Papaw and daddy told him "we can do puzzles, play darts, or just talk".. So on they went to have the best dart competition (another first for Justin) ever..

I'm glad Justin got away from all the video games, TVs, ipods, etc.. Back to the "good Ol Days" so to speak.. Over the next 2 days they sat in the woods, laughed at the goofy squirrels, saw an armadillo the size of a large dog, and just had fun! Though they did not actually snag a deer, Justin had a blast and I think hes hooked! When he got home though he was plum wore out. Gave me a kiss, took his shower, and crashed into his covers!!

My little hunter :) - These were taken during Dove Season in August 2009, Mommy forgot to charge the camera before sending it with daddy this weekend so no pictures :(

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