Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And baby makes FIVE!

SO we had our final scan today. Today would decide if we would be adding another baby to the family or if I would be needing a DNC. So what did we see????

We saw a happy little baby with a heart rate of 140 bpm. Baby is measuring about a week early, but she said she wasn't going to change my due date right now. Everything looks great and baby looks happy! Joe and I are so happy, I think we both were in shock and still are that everything turned out OK. Thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. So I guess now we are a family of FIVE!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fingers Crossed

Well I got my second round of blood work back today and its looking great. My levels rose from 10,000 to right at 19,000 in about 48 hours (they are suppose to double every 48-72 hours). I have so much hope that everything is going to work out. For those who have only heard bits and pieces or those that don't even know yet Joe and I went into the hospital Sunday because I started bleeding super heavy. I was 6 weeks and they did alot of test. The doctor in the ER ended up telling us he saw no baby on ultrasound and for my levels being so high they would suspect to see one and that I had a non viable pregnancy.

So leaving the ER Joe and I had told ourselves we were loosing our baby. Well I went in Monday to my OB and she did another scan. Long story short she did see something in the sac, no baby but the yolk sac! She said she didn't feel we were at the point yet to say we had a non viable pregnancy. So she did more blood work over a 48 span and my HCG levels (this is a hormone produced during pregnancy to sustain a pregnancy, its the one that doubles, its also what makes your home pregnancy test positive) well it looked great, yes high for 6 weeks (normal for 6 weeks is below 10,000) but they are rising. She also said my progesterone hormone level (which is a good indicator that a pregnancy is healthy) was right on time and was were it was suppose to be and looked great.

So even though numbers are good we will not know for sure till this coming Wednesday the 24th, when we have our 3rd 4D ultrasound scan. At that point with levels that should be in the 30,000+ range we have to see a baby. If we go in and its still an empty sac we have suffered a stalled pregnancy were basically baby has quit growing, causing me to need a DNC. For some reason I don't / can't accept that. Over the past 3 days for some reason I have this feeling everything will be ok. Yet my brain is telling me that if this is not meant to be I'm gonna be ok.

I have told myself I'm not going to cry or get upset anymore until I know for sure. And when I see that ultrasound next week I will know. But right now I am living this pregnancy for every moment and not taking a single second for granted. I am also thanking god everyday for my two beautiful boys and that I pray I can keep this miracle too. So if you can send alittle prayer up for us and keep us in your thought and I PROMISE to post as soon as we know something.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I got a booboo

SO far this pregnancy I have been symptom free.. Amazingly by 6 weeks with both boys I was getting sick every 5 minutes. This time I don't feel anything. The only out of the ordinary is when I eat I can be starving take two bites and be full. But let me tell you just because I have not been sick doesn't mean I haven't had an eventful week.

As I posted about earlier in the week our car accident, were everyone walked away fine. Well Thursday when I got home from picking up Justin from school I stepped off the garage step wrong and fell, in return breaking my right foot...OUCH! So after I stopped crying and 3 hours of Joe and my parents trying to get me to go to the ER I finally went to see if it was broke. Now the reason I didn't want to go is b/c we have a $100 co-pay for the ER and I KNEW they would not do an x-ray so I hated to wasted the money. But I went and they said yes its broken, but we can't tell by looking at it if its the top or bottom side of your foot. So they sent me home in a walking cast and crutches and I had to get clearance the next day from my OBGYN to have an x-ray. I was so scared to have it done. I know the risk of the radiation and early pregnancy. But the x-ray tech was super nice and we had about 4 lead belts and wraps on my belly and chest. He and my OB assured me baby bean would be fine! So about 4 hours later my OB calls me and says its broke on the right lower side. So I go to the orthopedic doctor this week and see what we do. He told he over the phone Friday if I was a good girl and kept it in line (It hadn't disaligned since the break) that I might get away with just wearing this velcro walking cast and not have to get a plaster one!

So that was my exciting week. I guess its a good thing I have no morning sickness because if I did I wouldn't be able to function. I guess god gives us only as much as we can handle! So here are some pictures of my OWIE!

And here is miss Layla watching me take pictures of myself!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A crazy past few days!

OK so alot has gone on the past few days. Sunday I started spotting again, thank gosh its stopped now (knock on wood). But as you can see I edited the previous post with a few more pictures. Every time I spot I feel the need to pee on a stick.. I guess its good Sunday I used my last test, but for some reason it calms my nerves to see those 2 pink lines, and hey I bought them back amonth ago so I should use them, right, well that's my theory!.

So I laid around all day sunday with Nickster, who by the way has pink eye - thanks pre-school! While we took it easy Justin, daddy and papa went dove hunting. Justin's first time hunting, they said he made an awesome bird He had a blast and daddy made sure to take alot of pictures!

Then last night on the way to Justin's baseball game, Joe, the boys, and I got rear ended by a van and truck. The van and I had stopped for a car turing into a parking lot, when some jerk tried to beat another car out of Mc. Donalds and hit the van. Her brakes failed and she hit us. Everyone is ok. Nick had a mark on his side from the seat belt and my neck is killing me from were I hit the head rest. In the other car they had 3 kids. Both the older boys were fine, but the 1 year old little girl had to go to the hospital b/c she bit through her tongue. The guy that hit her was driving (with his fries and burger) a brand new Nissan Titan with a cattle guard. He hit the van so hard it totalled his truck. The van was drivable but banged up. We were driving the gas saver POAS, and all it did was mash then fender wall to the tires and broke the trunk. Nick said "mommy can't go grocery shopping now", meaning I can't open the trunk to put in the

So that was our exciting past 2 days. I hope everyone is doing well!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

So Happy :)

We are so happy to announce that we are indeed expecting a new baby. After 3 months of trying and praying we finally got a + home pregnancy test on Wednesday morning. I called my OBGYN on Wednesday and set up to come in and confirm pregnancy on Friday. Thursday morning I started spotting (which has now stopped) and was worried that something might be wrong. We went in on Friday and they assured us everything looked great, that the spotting was normal, and that they would see me again in 6 weeks.. My due date is May 10, 2009 - Mothers Day!

Joe and I are so thrilled. We held off telling the boys till tonight and of course their reaction was amazing. Nick just laughed and yet couldn't grasp what it meant mommy had a baby in her belly.. He actually smiled and said mommy has 100 babies in her belly...oh lordy! Justin just grinned ear to ear and hasn't stopped grinning since. Justin has been asking for another brother or sister for months and when we told him he just smiled and started hugging all of us, including Nick..hehe His words were "I get to teach them both stuff now", referring to Nick and the new baby!

So off on this 9 month journey we go, and already my stomach is full of butterflies.. So far I do not feel pregnant at all, not even any morning sickness feelings, which is awesome and I hope it stays that way and that the hyperemesis does not return this pregnancy.. My next prenatal appointment is October 16th.. I will be 10-11 weeks and we hope to hear the heartbeat! I will keep everyone up to date on every bit of this journey.

And here is the proof we got Wednesday morning (and friday and sunday) :)!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September already!!!!!

Wow has this year flown by... I can't believe its almost Fall, woohoo!!! Alot of things have been going on here the past couple weeks.. The boys and I are taking turns having some kind of funk.. Nick started off last Sun night with the tummy/poopy stuff.. He has been doing better through out the week, had a set back Sat night, but is doing great now.. Poor Justin came down with strep throat, along with half his 1st grade class on Wed.. After a shot in the butt he is back to his old self! I had my turn over the weekend when I came down with a major sinus crud, but Im feeling alot better today... As for Joe, the lucky booty is feeling good and taking awesome care of us!

I hope everyone is doing well and I will keep everyone posted on the boys and if anything changes. Justin has his first fall ball game Friday night at 7, so excited.. He has been playing pitcher and 3rd base and is doing so well!! Well I hope everyone is doing good and we love you all!!!!