Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September already!!!!!

Wow has this year flown by... I can't believe its almost Fall, woohoo!!! Alot of things have been going on here the past couple weeks.. The boys and I are taking turns having some kind of funk.. Nick started off last Sun night with the tummy/poopy stuff.. He has been doing better through out the week, had a set back Sat night, but is doing great now.. Poor Justin came down with strep throat, along with half his 1st grade class on Wed.. After a shot in the butt he is back to his old self! I had my turn over the weekend when I came down with a major sinus crud, but Im feeling alot better today... As for Joe, the lucky booty is feeling good and taking awesome care of us!

I hope everyone is doing well and I will keep everyone posted on the boys and if anything changes. Justin has his first fall ball game Friday night at 7, so excited.. He has been playing pitcher and 3rd base and is doing so well!! Well I hope everyone is doing good and we love you all!!!!

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