Saturday, September 6, 2008

So Happy :)

We are so happy to announce that we are indeed expecting a new baby. After 3 months of trying and praying we finally got a + home pregnancy test on Wednesday morning. I called my OBGYN on Wednesday and set up to come in and confirm pregnancy on Friday. Thursday morning I started spotting (which has now stopped) and was worried that something might be wrong. We went in on Friday and they assured us everything looked great, that the spotting was normal, and that they would see me again in 6 weeks.. My due date is May 10, 2009 - Mothers Day!

Joe and I are so thrilled. We held off telling the boys till tonight and of course their reaction was amazing. Nick just laughed and yet couldn't grasp what it meant mommy had a baby in her belly.. He actually smiled and said mommy has 100 babies in her belly...oh lordy! Justin just grinned ear to ear and hasn't stopped grinning since. Justin has been asking for another brother or sister for months and when we told him he just smiled and started hugging all of us, including Nick..hehe His words were "I get to teach them both stuff now", referring to Nick and the new baby!

So off on this 9 month journey we go, and already my stomach is full of butterflies.. So far I do not feel pregnant at all, not even any morning sickness feelings, which is awesome and I hope it stays that way and that the hyperemesis does not return this pregnancy.. My next prenatal appointment is October 16th.. I will be 10-11 weeks and we hope to hear the heartbeat! I will keep everyone up to date on every bit of this journey.

And here is the proof we got Wednesday morning (and friday and sunday) :)!

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Shana said...

I'm so happy for you Suzie! Congratulations mama! Enjoy every minute of it and let me know (when the time comes) what it's like with three!