Sunday, December 6, 2009

Is it worth it?!

So while sharing my "new coupon adventure" stories with Family and Friends I was asked (several times) is it worth it. Do you really save money! Well here is this weeks adventures, you tell me?!

Publix on Thursday!
Total: $54.92
Total I Paid AFTER Coupons: $16.44
WALGREENS (Sunday Night)

Total: $65.25

Total I paid AFTER Coupons: $18.98


Joes Target Adventure

Target Price - $74.99

Price Matched w/ K-Mart Add - $29.99

Total Joe Paid AFTER Coupons - $14.99 + tax

Oh and I would LOVE to share with you my wonderful deals I got on Cyber Monday, but a few of the readers will be getting those as gifts =)-

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Im So Proud....

OK I feel the need to brag alittle =)

I'm so PROUD....

--- That my son Justin got a perfect report card and even got an "above required level" on his reading scores!

--- That my Nicholas has gotten all smiley faces at Preschool this year and gets in the "treasure box" on a weekly basis now

--- That my sweet little girl has about mastered sitting up and crawling

--- That I have been able to successfully breastfeed Emily for 6 months, here's to another 6!

--- That my husband is just so awesome and has the biggest heart!

--- That I got into a pair size 6 jeans this weekend (and I could still breathe)

--- That I am DONE with my Santa shopping and only have left the secret Santa's to get!

--- That I have the best family in the whole wide world!

Monday, November 16, 2009

My SIX Month Old

WOW its hard to believe my baby girl is 6 months old already! Time is going by too fast. I wish I could just stop the clock and keep her little awhile longer. She has grown and changed so much over the past few months. I wanted to share some pictures of our six month old baby girl, showing off some things she has learned in her six months!

LOOK I can sit all by myself

I can also get up on all fours. I have crawled a few steps, but Im getting the hang of it!

I LOVE to stand up w/ some help from Mommy and Daddy

I Love these two boys so much, and they would do ANYTHING for me!

And I can give attitude when I'm tired of taking pictures =)

Monday, November 9, 2009

The "Coupon" High

So in the past (many times) I have attempted to clip coupons and "save" money! But I never really got it and couldn't for the life of me figure out how people actually saved money doing it..

Well recently a friend of mine (online) told me about a sale Target was having. She had went to Target and purchased 3 Wii games, each costing $14.99. She ended up walking away paying only $22.50 for all three Wii games by using a coupon and taking advantage of the store special.. So off I go, two coupons in hand. I walked away with 6 Wii games for "Santa" and only paid for 3 of them.. This was my first time experiencing the "coupon" high!

So I began researching and found an amazing site. It broke down how I could save by using coupons with store coupons with store specials, etc... IN the past couple weeks I have managed to save over $300!!!!

Here is my last purchase using my coupons! (Purchased today)

Total Cost BEFORE coupons: $74.64

I paid ONLY: $26.20 Before Tax!

COUPON HIGH BABY - I'm hooked!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! Ours was a blast! The kiddos had been sick for about 2 weeks with bronchitis and I was just praying they would get better in time to go trick or treating. To our luck they did and it even stopped raining long enough to get a few pictures and hit about a half dozen houses and rack up on some candy. Justin had a blast as Darth Vader and Nick was a super cute Batman! Emily joined in the fun with her warm little fleece bunny costume! After the trick or treating fun we had a blast handing out candy to other kiddos. Then we watched the new ice age movie and then the adults played scategories and had some warm apple cider! We could have not asked for a more fun night! Here are a few pictures of our little spooks!

Yummy Orange Pancakes with Chocolate Chips for Halloween Breafast

Emily waiting for her breakfast

Nick as BATMAN

Heading out to get some candy with some great friends!
November 1st & he will NOT take the costume off =)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Down With The Sickness

UGH I am beginning to HATE our weather! Its one things to have to fall "ups" & "downs" (meaning our weather tends to be 85 one day and the next be 35).. But having that with a heck of alot of rain thrown in has made for a crappy fall so far!

About 3 weeks ago the kiddos came down with fever, sniffles, cough.. The usual fun stuff (insert me rolling my eyes here).. Well 3 weeks, 9 prescriptions, 3 doctors visits, and 2 H1N1 flu test later the boys are STILL sick.. I give up! The poor things are so tired of coughing. Thank goodness the flu test come back negative, but I don't think the doctors really know what they have. We were told sinus junk, chest colds, and now bronchitis!

And the crappiest of all is tomorrow is Halloween and today its a nice 75 out and GUESS WHAT, tomorrow they are calling for temps in the 50's and RAIN!!!

Here are my sick babies all piled up on the couch with hot chocolate and watching Halloween town.. =(

And here is Miss Emily playing with her favorite toy (a water bottle) in quarantine in our bedroom. Thank goodness she has stayed cold free so far!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pinata Of FUN

So I went to buy a Dino pinata for Nicks 5th birthday about a week ago and was in shock at how much they charge.. For a teeny tiny dinosaur shaped pinata they wanted to charge over $20 bucks.. So I came home and did alittle research and the boys and I set out to make our own pinata. So here you go.. Our journey for the dino egg pinata =)

Step 1: Attempt to blow up the balloon
Step 2: Take an old phone book and rip it to shreds

Step 3: Make Paper-Mache paste (2 cups H2O + 1/2 cup Flour + 3TBS Sugar)

Make sure to drop sugar jar all over the floor =)

Step 5: Dip torn phonebook paper into paste & apply to balloon Step 6: After first layer is applied allow to dry 24 hours.. Repeat 3 times (the third time use streamer paper for color (may have to apply paste with paintbrush when using streamer paper))
Step7: When dry POP balloon & hot glue strong ribbon to inside of pinata & add candy Step 8: Hot Glue Top SHUT Step 9: Hang & blindfold one eager child and let them have FUN
And be happy you saved $20 and got to have a blast with your 2 boys making your first pinata =)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Five Years Ago Today

Five years ago today the most beautiful itty bitty stubborn little boy came into the world. He was so impatient he came a whole 6 weeks early. And from day one that little guy has been a fighter, lover, and smart as a tack. With a head full of coal black hair and the cutest little dimple he came into the world lightning fast, so fast infact mommy got no pain meds and her doctor didn't even make it to the delivery. Its hard to believe looking at his pictures from five years ago today how much he has grown. Nicholas Connor truly is living up to his name. Nicholas means "power of the people or ruler of the people" and he truly is a little ruler! With a smile that can melt your heart, he has a temper that can fire you up. Happy Birthday sweet boy. Here are some pictures of Nicks first weeks of life..

Happy BIRTHday Nick

The Day C-Pap Came off =)
First Time Mommy Got To Hold Her Baby Boy
Daddy Giving Nick His First Feeding Out Of A Bottle

My Sweet Boy

Nick Today at 5 YEARS OLD.. Poor Guy is sick on his birthday, but can always give you that amazing smile

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Ball

Fall Ball Season - 2009

Here are some photos taken by a local photographer Carla Lynn.. She does such an awesome job.. Just wanted to share some snaps of this season...