Monday, November 9, 2009

The "Coupon" High

So in the past (many times) I have attempted to clip coupons and "save" money! But I never really got it and couldn't for the life of me figure out how people actually saved money doing it..

Well recently a friend of mine (online) told me about a sale Target was having. She had went to Target and purchased 3 Wii games, each costing $14.99. She ended up walking away paying only $22.50 for all three Wii games by using a coupon and taking advantage of the store special.. So off I go, two coupons in hand. I walked away with 6 Wii games for "Santa" and only paid for 3 of them.. This was my first time experiencing the "coupon" high!

So I began researching and found an amazing site. It broke down how I could save by using coupons with store coupons with store specials, etc... IN the past couple weeks I have managed to save over $300!!!!

Here is my last purchase using my coupons! (Purchased today)

Total Cost BEFORE coupons: $74.64

I paid ONLY: $26.20 Before Tax!

COUPON HIGH BABY - I'm hooked!

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