Thursday, April 22, 2010


I have often (VERY often) wanted to visit my childhood home in Nashville. Ive gone out of my way to just drive past it before and wish just one more time I could go in.. Its funny how you miss the "little" things.. I wonder if one day, when the kids are old and grown and Joe and I have moved to our house on the beach to grow old (nice dream huh :)) will they want to come back to this house. The one they will grow up in..

This song moves me to tears everytime I hear it.. So true!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Update on Nick

So we headed to the Orthopedic doctor yesterday, and let me say that was the biggest waste!! I swear that man was in our room for all of 5-6 minutes and half the time he talked to Emily about her needing a wig for her bald head.. He didn't listen to half my story of all that's going on and he barely even touched Nicks leg! So I left there totally pissed off (excuse my language, but its how I felt).. I literally felt like he thought I was crazy or making it up! So I came home feeling totally defeated. But after talking to Joe and my family they urged me not to give up. They had seen the limp and the pain, so it was not just "a mom being over worried"..

So this morning I got up and called his pediatrician, figuring I would get another call back a day or two later! At 11 o'clock my phone rings. I tell Dr Phillips all that's went on with the ortho and how I felt like nobody was taking me serious. She told me she wanted to see Nick at 3 THAT afternoon.. It is rare to EVER get in with her same day, I mean even when you sick SICK!!!

So I take him in and she does her evaluation.. She spend almost an hour in the room talking and listening and feeling Nick and making him do exercises to see the pain. She showed me with her hand were she felt his tendon was noticeably tighter on his right knee than his left! So all in all Im very satisfied! Finally someone is listening!

So right now we are doing bloodwork. She wants to rule out all the "bads" aka caner, leukemia, etc... She said she just needs to do that to ease her mind and mine! Also the bloodwork will show if Nick has inflammation in his knee/leg!! If the bloodwork comes back clear then she wants to send him for a Physical Therapy Eval.. That way we can asses if it is the tendon just tight or short and see if he needs PT or maybe some at home stretching exercises!!

So at the moment we wait.. I will post in a few days or so when I know the outcome of the bloodwork!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Can't Sleep

I need to go to bed, but instead Im I have tons on my mind and I just don't think I could shut it down to go to sleep right now!! Im so ready for Nicks ortho appointment tomarrow and ready for some answers.. I hope they take me seriously (unlike the pedi) and don't just brush me and Nick off!! He was complaining tonight of his leg hurting again, but instead of his knee he pointed to his foot/ankle.. UGH I have no clue, it seems that whole right leg & foot has issues.. Atleast now I don't feel like an over reacting mom. I mean I had an old t-ball coach and 2 different parents approach me at the baseball park noticing his limp and checking on him.. I swear that Pedi had made me feel like I was over reacting and that it was just growing pains, but now I know its not.. Now I know he really has something wrong, and others see it too!!

With all that add in a crazy weekend, a snotty nose 11 month old, and a rude eMail I got Im just a bag of crazyness But I guess I better get off and try to get some sleep.. I will post tomarrow about Nicksters appointment!!

Oh & this is Spaz (I feel every post needs atleast one picture).. He is my sisters chihuahua that stayed with us for 2 weeks.. Such a cutie (weighs less than 2 lbs)!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Can I cry yet???

Well its too late, all I have done the past couple days is cry! Bittersweet tears as I mailed out Emilys first birthday invites over the weekend. Then tears as I write about her first tooth in her baby book and glance back at the pictures of her so brand new.. This time last year I was wanting time to speed up, for her to get here so i could hold her and gaze at her... Now I sit here begging time to just slow down! My baby girl is turning a year old. Its so hard not to be sad when I look back and think she is my baby, my last little munchkin and when she turns one I can't help but feel she will no longer be my baby and that part of my life will be over with forever.

Don't get me wrong I am so excited and happy to see what the future holds and to watch my three amazing kids grow into amazing big kids!! Its just times like these I look at them and drift back to days of rocking them in my arms all swaddled up in blankets!!




Monday, April 12, 2010

Nicks got an ouchie!

For the past few months (about 6 or so) Nick has had randoms times were he complains of his leg hurting.. Its odd times like first thing in the morning or during a movie.. He really never would tell us were it hurt. One day he would point to his calves the other his foot the other his thigh! I mentioned it to his pediatrician several times and they never really seemed to be worried. I was told its probably growing pain or maybe a pulled muscle. I was told if it got worse they would investigate more.

Well about a month ago Nick had a bad upper respiratory infection and was sent for chest xRays to check for pneumonia. I asked his doctor since we would be at the hospital getting the xrays if we could go ahead and shoot his legs to. I think she kinda did it to humor me, but he was starting to complain again.. I really think they believed it was from the flu, you know aches and pains! When the nurse called back to tell me the chest pics were good I asked about the leg xrays and I get "oh those were fine too".. grrrr

OK skip ahead to this past Saturday, Nick had his baseball game..He gets up to hit the ball and then takes off to first base. Immediately I notice hes not bending his knee.. He is kind of wobling/running bow legged with this right leg straight.. He tells Joe his leg if "sore".. Following the game he complains its sore, yet doesn't act overly like something is wrong. But I start watching closely and thinking back about the past weeks and I start piecing things together..

Take for instants at practice Nick would be told by the coaches to hustle to the base or to the out field and Nick would walk, they would get louder "run Nick" and he would kinda half skip, NEVER would he run.. I took it as Nick being honory.. Then I think he really hasn't played on the trampoline the past few weeks, this is his normally fav thing to do outside (beside dig in the dirt).. Tons of things kept popping up and time I had just brushed it off.. So I make the plan to call his pediatrician Monday morning..

So we wake up today and the first thing out of his mouth is "mommy my feet have sparkles in them today".. Nick has been complaining his feet are tingly.. Joe and I would tell him "oh buddy your foot just fell asleep".. BOOM it clicked again, Joe had joked the other day that he has never seen a person complain as much as Nick about their feet falling asleep.. Then and their I decided not to wait on the pediatrician to call me back, I got online and found a local pediatric orthopedic doctor..

Nick is scheduled to see him next Tuesday.. I so hope they figure it out.. It seems to be getting worse whatever it is and fast! Even tonight at his game he limped and wouldn't run full speed and did the bow legged run.. But you ask him and he says hes fine... UGH I will keep you all posted!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring is coming...

The other day here in TN we almost hit 80 degrees, infact we broke the record high! Im so ready for Spring (minus the allergies) and warm weather! Baseball season has started and all 3 boys have had games! This Saturday the 10th is our "official" opening day with ceremony and good

With the warm weather we have been taking advantage of the sun and heading outside! YAY

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hoppy Easter!!

I hope everyone had a great Easter this year. This kids, Joe and I could not have asked for a better day! The morning started off good, Im still not sure at what time the kids really woke up. I know they came in to wake us around 9am and Nick already knew what all he had in his Easter bucket, not to mention he was wearing a shirt the Easter bunny brought him.. I told Joe he probally got up waaaay early and did his own "investigating".. Then waited for Justin to wake!~

Emily LOVEd her easter goodies and was all giggles! The boys on the other hand kinda woke up grouchy and decided to pick at each other all morning! Things got better when Papa showed up Easter morning to spend some time with us! He brought all kinds of fishing easter goodies!! After getting up and getting dressed we headed to the Smyrna airbase for the Lannom get together and the boys were able to run off some of that funk and were much happier! After grilling out and easting lots of yummy food we hunted eggs and then headed off to my moms "Mamaws" house for more Easter fun!

We had a blast watching the kids hunt eggs, have a water gun fight (did I mention the weather was PERFECT) and eat more good yummys! Finally around 6pm we packed up to head home, poor Emily was so tired from no nap! She went straight to bath and bed.. The boys watched a wuick hour of Toy Story before heading to bed! Daddy on the other hand got a burst of energy I guess and so we planted all the banana trees and stuff! So lets just say we both were out cold when we hit the pillow!

HERE are some pictures of our Easter Day!!