Monday, April 12, 2010

Nicks got an ouchie!

For the past few months (about 6 or so) Nick has had randoms times were he complains of his leg hurting.. Its odd times like first thing in the morning or during a movie.. He really never would tell us were it hurt. One day he would point to his calves the other his foot the other his thigh! I mentioned it to his pediatrician several times and they never really seemed to be worried. I was told its probably growing pain or maybe a pulled muscle. I was told if it got worse they would investigate more.

Well about a month ago Nick had a bad upper respiratory infection and was sent for chest xRays to check for pneumonia. I asked his doctor since we would be at the hospital getting the xrays if we could go ahead and shoot his legs to. I think she kinda did it to humor me, but he was starting to complain again.. I really think they believed it was from the flu, you know aches and pains! When the nurse called back to tell me the chest pics were good I asked about the leg xrays and I get "oh those were fine too".. grrrr

OK skip ahead to this past Saturday, Nick had his baseball game..He gets up to hit the ball and then takes off to first base. Immediately I notice hes not bending his knee.. He is kind of wobling/running bow legged with this right leg straight.. He tells Joe his leg if "sore".. Following the game he complains its sore, yet doesn't act overly like something is wrong. But I start watching closely and thinking back about the past weeks and I start piecing things together..

Take for instants at practice Nick would be told by the coaches to hustle to the base or to the out field and Nick would walk, they would get louder "run Nick" and he would kinda half skip, NEVER would he run.. I took it as Nick being honory.. Then I think he really hasn't played on the trampoline the past few weeks, this is his normally fav thing to do outside (beside dig in the dirt).. Tons of things kept popping up and time I had just brushed it off.. So I make the plan to call his pediatrician Monday morning..

So we wake up today and the first thing out of his mouth is "mommy my feet have sparkles in them today".. Nick has been complaining his feet are tingly.. Joe and I would tell him "oh buddy your foot just fell asleep".. BOOM it clicked again, Joe had joked the other day that he has never seen a person complain as much as Nick about their feet falling asleep.. Then and their I decided not to wait on the pediatrician to call me back, I got online and found a local pediatric orthopedic doctor..

Nick is scheduled to see him next Tuesday.. I so hope they figure it out.. It seems to be getting worse whatever it is and fast! Even tonight at his game he limped and wouldn't run full speed and did the bow legged run.. But you ask him and he says hes fine... UGH I will keep you all posted!

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