Monday, May 14, 2012

Did She Really Turn 3

I still keep repeating this in my head. Did my BABY girl really just turn 3 year old... YES..... Is the cold hard truth. Every year I seem to scream "were did the time go", and every year I am left with no answer.

What an amazing little 3 year old she is. Full of smiles, and laughs, and some sass! Miss Emily Grace makes our world so much brighter and a heck of alot more fun. I am so proud of you baby girl!!!

And though I love watching you grow, I beg for time to slow down. And as I snagged this picture on your birthday I thought to myself, oh how someday (about 13 years from now) I can see this scene playing out all over again!!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Slacker - Yep thats me!

Things got crazy around here when baseball season started, and honestly April was a blur! I mean take a look at our Calendar....

Though we have been busy, we have had fun. We have planted our garden, went to games & practices.. We have celebrated Birthdays & had cookouts with friends and family. We have done school projects and studied for test (TCAPS - Nice).. We have worked and played and battled colds... And I am pooped!!!

Health wise everyone is doing pretty well.. Nick had 3 weeks of antibiotics for his sinusitis. Ems caught Daddys cold and the cough is still holding on.. Here she is curled up on the couch watching Dora!!!!

Justin has been doing really well with his stomach. We have had no major issues and even started consulting with his GI on different ways we could boost his weight gain (healthy high fat snacks, vitamins, etc).. Me - I'm doing good, trying to keep my meds down, but still having issues with the Anemia. I go back for another blood draw in a month and half so we will know if its working then I guess..

So whats ahead on the calender.. Well a certain 10 year old and his daddy are going on the 4th grade field trip Friday to Cumberland Caverns (pictures to come).. A certain 7 year old is gearing up for his Mars presentation and "Splash Day" coming up next week at school.. And a certain 2 year old is getting ready to turn 3 (tears) and have on kick butt Princess Party this weekend.. So more pictures to come, but heres some to hold you over!!!