Monday, May 14, 2012

Did She Really Turn 3

I still keep repeating this in my head. Did my BABY girl really just turn 3 year old... YES..... Is the cold hard truth. Every year I seem to scream "were did the time go", and every year I am left with no answer.

What an amazing little 3 year old she is. Full of smiles, and laughs, and some sass! Miss Emily Grace makes our world so much brighter and a heck of alot more fun. I am so proud of you baby girl!!!

And though I love watching you grow, I beg for time to slow down. And as I snagged this picture on your birthday I thought to myself, oh how someday (about 13 years from now) I can see this scene playing out all over again!!!!

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The Meguiar Family said...

They do grow way too fast. I know in a moment my newborn girl will be turning 3. It's such a mix of emotions being a mommy!