Tuesday, November 18, 2008

14 Weeks

Wow I can't believe I am in my second trimester already. Sitting here now I can't believe I am at 14 weeks already. I had my 14 week OB visit today. Baby was doing good and apparently wide awake with a heart rate in the 160's. The boys must have always been lazy b/c their heat rates were always in the 140's. She said I was measuring good, lost another 3lbs, but she said shes not worried b/c my hydration levels were good.

We also got news today the progesterone shots I will take to help bake this baby longer than the boys should arrive the week after Thanksgiving. Then we get to go in and they get to show Joe how to give them to me. I'm still nervous about the whole Joe giving me a shot in my butt every week for 20 weeks.. But I know he can do it. Also when we go back the first week of December they will do our triple screen blood test to test for downs syndrome and neural tube defects. Please pray little baby bean is nice and healthy and that I don't worry myself to death waiting on the results.

Some exciting news we got our big ultrasound date, and its before Christmas. Not sure if I'm gonna be mean and make everyone wait till Christmas before we tell them the sex of the baby.. ;) But the date is set for December 18th around 1 in the afternoon. I am so excited and pray that this baby is both healthy and cooperative and shows us the goods! SO:

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I just want to add I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. We will be traveling to Ohio to see Joes mom and family. We are sooo excited to see everyone and can't wait. Please pray we have a safe trip.. HUGS

Friday, November 14, 2008

Turkey Day at SCS

Today was Nicks school Thanksgiving play and lunch. He was so cute up there singing "Mr. Turkey, Mr. Turkey" and "If your Happy and you know it say gobble gobble".. Joe and I made sure to get video, but it was so dark in the chapel I couldn't get any good pictures, but here are a couple I did get! So that we were fair Joe and I both surprised Justin on Tuesday and went and ate a Turkey lunch with him at school!
Just a singing

Mommy and Nick

Daddy and Nick

My Little Turkey

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Will it ever end?

I love the fall season with the beautiful trees and colorful leaves, but come fall also comes coughing and snotting and fevers. Seems like for the past two and a half weeks all we have done is pass around this croupy respiratory funk and I guess today was Justin's turn when I got that call from school saying "we need a parent to come get Justin Lannom" So off to the doctor for the fifth time in 2 weeks to see what wonderful medicine Justin will get.

Well I guess that's enough bitching and moaning, truth is everyone is fighting this crap and I hope everyone recovers super fast! On a lighter note I am officially 13 weeks pregnant and entering into me second trimester. Sadly though the mourning sickness didn't get the memo and doesn't want to leave, but hey its getting better slowly but surely.

If you haven't notices already I have kinda put a mini baby poll together. The link is on the right side of this page and I hope everyone participates. Its something fun to kill the time and also a prize is involved, oooooo...

Well I hope everyone is good and feeling good. Hugs and kisses!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Well we had a great Halloween this year. My little Ninja and Spiderman were too cute for words! Daddy even hooked up the trailer for a much easier ride around the neighborhood to gather candy. We also had a friend from Justins baseball team and his younger brother join us on the candy mission! I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween this year!

Here are some pictures from our Halloween!!!
Pumpkin Carving Time

My Little Men

The Crew Leaving Out