Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Can I cry yet???

Well its too late, all I have done the past couple days is cry! Bittersweet tears as I mailed out Emilys first birthday invites over the weekend. Then tears as I write about her first tooth in her baby book and glance back at the pictures of her so brand new.. This time last year I was wanting time to speed up, for her to get here so i could hold her and gaze at her... Now I sit here begging time to just slow down! My baby girl is turning a year old. Its so hard not to be sad when I look back and think she is my baby, my last little munchkin and when she turns one I can't help but feel she will no longer be my baby and that part of my life will be over with forever.

Don't get me wrong I am so excited and happy to see what the future holds and to watch my three amazing kids grow into amazing big kids!! Its just times like these I look at them and drift back to days of rocking them in my arms all swaddled up in blankets!!




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