Monday, April 5, 2010

Hoppy Easter!!

I hope everyone had a great Easter this year. This kids, Joe and I could not have asked for a better day! The morning started off good, Im still not sure at what time the kids really woke up. I know they came in to wake us around 9am and Nick already knew what all he had in his Easter bucket, not to mention he was wearing a shirt the Easter bunny brought him.. I told Joe he probally got up waaaay early and did his own "investigating".. Then waited for Justin to wake!~

Emily LOVEd her easter goodies and was all giggles! The boys on the other hand kinda woke up grouchy and decided to pick at each other all morning! Things got better when Papa showed up Easter morning to spend some time with us! He brought all kinds of fishing easter goodies!! After getting up and getting dressed we headed to the Smyrna airbase for the Lannom get together and the boys were able to run off some of that funk and were much happier! After grilling out and easting lots of yummy food we hunted eggs and then headed off to my moms "Mamaws" house for more Easter fun!

We had a blast watching the kids hunt eggs, have a water gun fight (did I mention the weather was PERFECT) and eat more good yummys! Finally around 6pm we packed up to head home, poor Emily was so tired from no nap! She went straight to bath and bed.. The boys watched a wuick hour of Toy Story before heading to bed! Daddy on the other hand got a burst of energy I guess and so we planted all the banana trees and stuff! So lets just say we both were out cold when we hit the pillow!

HERE are some pictures of our Easter Day!!

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Momma Snail said...

Hey, Suzie! I just found your blog and realized you weren't a stranger. I love it! Your family is adorable.

~Kari from October Mommies