Friday, March 26, 2010

Some BIG Changes

So I can NOT believe I just got done making Emilys First Birthday invitations. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. Were has the time gone? How can my sweet girl be getting so close to turning one.. I can not believe the little beauty she is turning in to.. And this little girl has some big changes going on right now!

First since the day she was born she has slept right next to mommy. Litterally in my arms and I enjoy every minute! But she has become more of a wiggler and wants to stretch out and get comfy and 3 in our bed is just alittle too crowded. So Wed night we made our final co-sleeping night, and lastnight Emily took the big leap and slept all night in her own bed! With alittle fuss she went right to sleep and slept until 4am and got up for a quick snack and back to sleep till 9am!! And tonight I laid her down and not a peep out of her! WOW my baby girl is getting so big!

Also miss Emily has taken to food and cut way back on her nursing, so big change number two is in the works. We are slowly changing over to whole milk. Im still nursing, just not as much! And now she has her bottles of milk to snack on! This change is very bittersweet to me as nursing her has been a dream come true!

And oh what could change number three be??.. Well Em has begun to "cruise" the furniture in the house.. Only "steps" away from being mobile! You go girl! Mommy and daddy and brothers are so proud! We can't wait till you let go and take off on those feeties!

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