Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Boy

Today eight years ago I became a mommy for the first time! A look back to that day....

I had been sleeping that Monday morning, when at 10 o'clock in the morning something woke me up. My first thought was "oh man I just peed myself".. I got up to run to the bathroom when that unmistakable water breaking occurred. No second guessing it I grabbed the phone and a towel and ran to the bathroom! I called Joe, im sure my voice sounding in a panic heck im not sure what exactly I said but all I knew was he was in West Nashville and me at home about 30-45 minutes away (remember that part!).. So I tell him to leave and go to the hospital I would meet him there! I hang up and call my dad whom was at work about 10 minutes away.. I think I got "water broke" out and he hung up! Within it seemed 5 minutes he came in the door! I then proceeded to shove about 5 towels in my pajama pants (I know, right) and out the door we went!

OK so that "30-45" minute drive took us 10 - no joke.. My dad can get from point A to point B fast when he needs to! SO I pull up to see my amazing husband standing there, poor thing I still remember that OMG look on his face! He puts me in a wheel chair and off we go!

I get checked in and family starts to arrive. Yet to have my first contraction my doctor walks in! She says she wants to start pitocin and get this show on the road.. Well about an hour after starting that junk I was in PAIN.. The meaner side of Suzie came out and I think I cursed everyone in that room! I beggen for an epidural and my wish was granted (twice!).. The first one fails, so as they go to put numbe two in they send my husband off to eat some dinner! AFter number two is put in I start yelling I needed to go to the bathroom. The nurse checks me and Im complete and ready to push! But oh wait they had to run down to the cafeteria to get Joe ;).. So he comes in with I think the rest of my family and I start pushing, 1-2-3 and STOP! Justins heartrate drops and all I remember is my doctor saying "Suzie I have to use the suction we need him out now".. So she hooks the vaccumn to Justins head and out he comes! Alittle blue and quiet they take him over to the warmer. A few minutes later I was allowed to give him a kiss on the head and gaze at his beautiful face for a second and off he went to the nursery due to some breathing issues! About this time the epidural starts kicking in (NICE!).. About 4 hours later I get wheeled to the nursery and get to hokd my precious little boy for the first time! Though he was around 5 weeks early he did surprisingly well!

My little 6lb 4oz Baby Boy
Born at 6:18pm (18:18 Military Time)
18 Inches long

How the time has flown by and I am watching you grow into an amzaing boy! You surprise and make me smile everyday! I love you sweet Justin!
-LOVE Mommy-

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