Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Update on Nick

So we headed to the Orthopedic doctor yesterday, and let me say that was the biggest waste!! I swear that man was in our room for all of 5-6 minutes and half the time he talked to Emily about her needing a wig for her bald head.. He didn't listen to half my story of all that's going on and he barely even touched Nicks leg! So I left there totally pissed off (excuse my language, but its how I felt).. I literally felt like he thought I was crazy or making it up! So I came home feeling totally defeated. But after talking to Joe and my family they urged me not to give up. They had seen the limp and the pain, so it was not just "a mom being over worried"..

So this morning I got up and called his pediatrician, figuring I would get another call back a day or two later! At 11 o'clock my phone rings. I tell Dr Phillips all that's went on with the ortho and how I felt like nobody was taking me serious. She told me she wanted to see Nick at 3 THAT afternoon.. It is rare to EVER get in with her same day, I mean even when you sick SICK!!!

So I take him in and she does her evaluation.. She spend almost an hour in the room talking and listening and feeling Nick and making him do exercises to see the pain. She showed me with her hand were she felt his tendon was noticeably tighter on his right knee than his left! So all in all Im very satisfied! Finally someone is listening!

So right now we are doing bloodwork. She wants to rule out all the "bads" aka caner, leukemia, etc... She said she just needs to do that to ease her mind and mine! Also the bloodwork will show if Nick has inflammation in his knee/leg!! If the bloodwork comes back clear then she wants to send him for a Physical Therapy Eval.. That way we can asses if it is the tendon just tight or short and see if he needs PT or maybe some at home stretching exercises!!

So at the moment we wait.. I will post in a few days or so when I know the outcome of the bloodwork!!

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