Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pinata Of FUN

So I went to buy a Dino pinata for Nicks 5th birthday about a week ago and was in shock at how much they charge.. For a teeny tiny dinosaur shaped pinata they wanted to charge over $20 bucks.. So I came home and did alittle research and the boys and I set out to make our own pinata. So here you go.. Our journey for the dino egg pinata =)

Step 1: Attempt to blow up the balloon
Step 2: Take an old phone book and rip it to shreds

Step 3: Make Paper-Mache paste (2 cups H2O + 1/2 cup Flour + 3TBS Sugar)

Make sure to drop sugar jar all over the floor =)

Step 5: Dip torn phonebook paper into paste & apply to balloon Step 6: After first layer is applied allow to dry 24 hours.. Repeat 3 times (the third time use streamer paper for color (may have to apply paste with paintbrush when using streamer paper))
Step7: When dry POP balloon & hot glue strong ribbon to inside of pinata & add candy Step 8: Hot Glue Top SHUT Step 9: Hang & blindfold one eager child and let them have FUN
And be happy you saved $20 and got to have a blast with your 2 boys making your first pinata =)

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