Friday, October 30, 2009

Down With The Sickness

UGH I am beginning to HATE our weather! Its one things to have to fall "ups" & "downs" (meaning our weather tends to be 85 one day and the next be 35).. But having that with a heck of alot of rain thrown in has made for a crappy fall so far!

About 3 weeks ago the kiddos came down with fever, sniffles, cough.. The usual fun stuff (insert me rolling my eyes here).. Well 3 weeks, 9 prescriptions, 3 doctors visits, and 2 H1N1 flu test later the boys are STILL sick.. I give up! The poor things are so tired of coughing. Thank goodness the flu test come back negative, but I don't think the doctors really know what they have. We were told sinus junk, chest colds, and now bronchitis!

And the crappiest of all is tomorrow is Halloween and today its a nice 75 out and GUESS WHAT, tomorrow they are calling for temps in the 50's and RAIN!!!

Here are my sick babies all piled up on the couch with hot chocolate and watching Halloween town.. =(

And here is Miss Emily playing with her favorite toy (a water bottle) in quarantine in our bedroom. Thank goodness she has stayed cold free so far!

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