Thursday, October 8, 2009

Five Years Ago Today

Five years ago today the most beautiful itty bitty stubborn little boy came into the world. He was so impatient he came a whole 6 weeks early. And from day one that little guy has been a fighter, lover, and smart as a tack. With a head full of coal black hair and the cutest little dimple he came into the world lightning fast, so fast infact mommy got no pain meds and her doctor didn't even make it to the delivery. Its hard to believe looking at his pictures from five years ago today how much he has grown. Nicholas Connor truly is living up to his name. Nicholas means "power of the people or ruler of the people" and he truly is a little ruler! With a smile that can melt your heart, he has a temper that can fire you up. Happy Birthday sweet boy. Here are some pictures of Nicks first weeks of life..

Happy BIRTHday Nick

The Day C-Pap Came off =)
First Time Mommy Got To Hold Her Baby Boy
Daddy Giving Nick His First Feeding Out Of A Bottle

My Sweet Boy

Nick Today at 5 YEARS OLD.. Poor Guy is sick on his birthday, but can always give you that amazing smile

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