Sunday, December 6, 2009

Is it worth it?!

So while sharing my "new coupon adventure" stories with Family and Friends I was asked (several times) is it worth it. Do you really save money! Well here is this weeks adventures, you tell me?!

Publix on Thursday!
Total: $54.92
Total I Paid AFTER Coupons: $16.44
WALGREENS (Sunday Night)

Total: $65.25

Total I paid AFTER Coupons: $18.98


Joes Target Adventure

Target Price - $74.99

Price Matched w/ K-Mart Add - $29.99

Total Joe Paid AFTER Coupons - $14.99 + tax

Oh and I would LOVE to share with you my wonderful deals I got on Cyber Monday, but a few of the readers will be getting those as gifts =)-

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The Meguiar Family said...

Where do find your good deals? I look at, but was just wondering if you knew about any other good sites.