Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A crazy past few days!

OK so alot has gone on the past few days. Sunday I started spotting again, thank gosh its stopped now (knock on wood). But as you can see I edited the previous post with a few more pictures. Every time I spot I feel the need to pee on a stick.. I guess its good Sunday I used my last test, but for some reason it calms my nerves to see those 2 pink lines, and hey I bought them back amonth ago so I should use them, right, well that's my theory!.

So I laid around all day sunday with Nickster, who by the way has pink eye - thanks pre-school! While we took it easy Justin, daddy and papa went dove hunting. Justin's first time hunting, they said he made an awesome bird dog..lol He had a blast and daddy made sure to take alot of pictures!

Then last night on the way to Justin's baseball game, Joe, the boys, and I got rear ended by a van and truck. The van and I had stopped for a car turing into a parking lot, when some jerk tried to beat another car out of Mc. Donalds and hit the van. Her brakes failed and she hit us. Everyone is ok. Nick had a mark on his side from the seat belt and my neck is killing me from were I hit the head rest. In the other car they had 3 kids. Both the older boys were fine, but the 1 year old little girl had to go to the hospital b/c she bit through her tongue. The guy that hit her was driving (with his fries and burger) a brand new Nissan Titan with a cattle guard. He hit the van so hard it totalled his truck. The van was drivable but banged up. We were driving the gas saver POAS, and all it did was mash then fender wall to the tires and broke the trunk. Nick said "mommy can't go grocery shopping now", meaning I can't open the trunk to put in the groceries..lol

So that was our exciting past 2 days. I hope everyone is doing well!

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