Monday, November 1, 2010

A Very Happy Halloween

This year Halloween fell on a Sunday, but the fun lasted all weekend!! We started off at a friend/neighbors house for a Halloween party on Friday Night. Nick and his best friends Taylor and Miss EmmaLynn were a sight to see. Thesse 3 have been best buddies for almost 3 years now! EmmaLynn lives the next street over so the party was not far from home! We had a blast! The kiddos played Halloween themed carnival games, did a cupcake walk, bonfire, haunted house, pizza, smores & much more!

Saturday was filled with our last baseball game (We WON), team party, then off to basketball sign-ups, dinner, and then home to carve PUMPKINS!! Nick really got into carving this year. The past few years he really hasn't cared to get in there and get his hands dirty, but not this year!. Emily on the other hand preffered to watch. We tried to let her scoop out her pumpkin, but she would not have it!!

Then of course Sunday night was all about TRICK-or-TREATING!! Jennifer, Ryan, and Chase came over to go with us. We roasted hotdogs before we went and smores after we got back! It was a blast!!

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