Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Turkey Day, but the rest....

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had well, a very interesting one to say the least...

So we packed up and headed to the airport Wednesday morning. The airport website and our ticket website both urged families to get to the airport no later than 2 to 2.5 hours before you scheduled flight. So we arrived around 9:30am for our 12pm flight! We got our tickets, took all of 5 minutes, got to security and oh my was it EMPTY. Took us a total of 6 minutes to get through.. REALLY?!? So now what for the next 2 So we grabbed a snack and headed to our gate to wait it out!
So after about 15 minutes at the gate Emily and I headed to the potty. As I walked past the departing flights screen I see a delayed next to our flight. Infact it was the ONLY delayed flight in the whole airport! SO plane number 1 ended up leaving 2 hours late. Awesome! But hey we finally made it on the plane! Kids had a blast on their first flight!

My co-pilot Justin

So we arrive in Newark, NJ or as Nick kept saying "were in New York".. We head to our gate only to find that plane number 2 was 2 hours late now.. Fun times!!

But we made it to Virginia and Finally got to see everyone! Including New baby Aliyah.. OMGosh I love her so much!

 So we visit with the family and then head to bed for a LONG night sleep.. Oh wait we didn't sleep. At 1am poor Emily wakes up throwing up and sicker than a puppy! It last until about 5am but finally we all got some sleep! The next day she was fine. But oh how I wish I would have known what was coming!!

Thanksgiving was AWESOME. We had tons of great food and had a blast with Joes mom and family. Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving Day...

So we headed to bed and had a great night sleep. All the "girls" woke up Friday morning to do some Black Friday Shopping. We had a blast!! After shopping we met up with the guys and Joe, his mom, me, and the kiddos headed off to lunch and Yankee Candle! After we got back I laid down with Emily and took a nap. I woke up feeling not so good. The next few hours were a blur, but I became sicker than I had been in a long time. And about an hour after I fell ill poor Justin starting getting sick and it was just as bad as me. Both he and I had a hard night. So when it came time at 5am to get up and get ready fo the airport to say the least we were bad off..

So we get to the airport, Im barely standing at this point. They grab some breakfast and we catch our first flight. We arrive in Atlanta and get on our connecting flight. At this point Justin is in worse shape than me. We get on plane number 2 for the day and as soon as its boarded they announce we have to de-board for maitinence issue. We get off and over the next 4 hours it is delayed time after time. At this point Emily has had enough of the airport, Nick is bored out of his mind. Joe is dealing with them because Justin and I are barely able to move. We actually passed out in the floor (b/c all the seats were taken)..

Joe took this pic b/c he said we looked like hamsters. Justin and I were balled up and he was smooshed against the metal pole like two hamsters in a cage..(can you even see Justin) Makes me laugh now ;)

So after 4 hours they end up cancelling our flight. By the time we get to the ticket counter they tell us there are no more flights directly to Nashville from Atlanta. So they put us on a plane to Memphis and we are to fly there and connect to another flight to Nashville (stupid).. So we get on plane number 2 or I guess 3 of the day and fly to Memphis. We arrive in Memphis and Joe looks at me and says he feels like hes gonna be sick.. So I send him to the potty and I take kids and tickets to the gate and check in. As I am standing there the time goes from plane leaves at 7pm to plane leaves at 10:45pm.. WHAT we were supose to frickin be home at 1pm, now we MIGHT get home at midnight.. I litterally just start bawling. After calming me down, and Emily (no nap and extremely fussy Emily), a Delta airlines manager comes over and after talking with her for about 45 minutes we decide since 99% chance this plane is going to be cancelled (and it was) they put us up in a hotel room and gave us some meal vouchers. So at 8:30 we arrive at the hotel, grab some food and PASS OUT! Arrive BACK at the airport at 7am, get on a plane at 8:30 and we make it home around 10!

To say the least it was an adventure. We had a blast in Virginia, but I think we have had our fill of flying for a few

Happy Turkey Day

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The Meguiar Family said...

Oh wow, that is awful! I feel for you...but glad you all made it through. I would've hated that!