Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Your Bucket List

I recently read a blog were the bloggin momma started a "Life List".. I need one of those I thought?!?!, I mean I have heard of a "Bucket List" and I most certainly have dreams, wishes, and wants out of life, but I never have sat and thought about writing them down! Well I guess now is as good a time as any! I encourage everyone to not only think about what they want to do before they leave this earth, but write it down, blog it, or just simply put it into words... Then get started on crossing things off on your bucket list!!!

So here we go in no particular order! I'm sure over time I will add to and change things on my list, but a girl has to start somewhere!

1 - Visit Alaska (See The Northern Lights)
2 -  Become a Licenced Wildlife Rehabilitator
3 - Go on a Cruise to the Bahamas
4 - Take my kids Camping & Hiking out west (See the Grand Canyon)
5 - Go Back to School
6 - Get A Passport & Travel to an overseas Country
7 - Pay for a Car in CASH
8 - Start an Animal Rescue
9 - Watch the Sunset on a beach in Australia
10 - Learn to play the Piano
11 - Go to a Spa & get pampered head to toe & not worry about the cost
12 - Go White Water Rafting w/ my Kids & Hubby
13 - Go Gambling in a Casino
14 - See A Broadway Play
15 - Play on a Softball team w/ my husband

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