Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Its A First

This week Mr Nicholas lost his first tooth!! He was so excited and still tells AND shows everyone he meets or sees about his missing tooth and visit from the tooth fairy!

 Also over the past couple of months Justin has been trying to grow his hair long. But the boy has a double crown on his head so it basically looked like he had two Alfalfa hair points sticking up! So this week he asked to get it cut like his daddies hair.. I'm so glad he did as it looks so much better. But it also looks like hes lost about 20 lbs and grown 5 years!

And this picture is totally random of Miss Emily, but she has really gotten into coloring and drawing and I noticed she does the EXACT same thing I do when I'm "thinking".. We bite the pen, lol... I guess she did get some traits from her momma!

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