Saturday, December 11, 2010

Moving Slowly

I feel like these past few weeks I have been moving in slow motion. We finally got our Christmas Tree up this past weekend. For years it was a tradition to put it and the lights around the house up the day after Thanksgiving, but this year it took us an extra week to re-coup.. But I must say it looks pretty good, even if all the ornaments are up high on the tree just above the reach of your average 18 month

Also I have been putting off getting our Christmas pictures taken. Yep I know not to do that next year. Our photo session stinked. I'm not one to complain about a place, but I was very unhappy with the way we were treated and the quality of the pictures we got. But that being said we did get them done this week and well were are my Christmas cards at, in the mail??? Nope they are sitting here in front of me on the computer starring at me...

In other news the kids are getting excited for Christmas. They have plays at school this week and both have Christmas parties on Friday.. Its wild to think Christmas is just two weeks away today! I'm proud to say I am done with my shopping, well except for some "stocking stuffers".. I had alittle set-back this week finishing my shopping when for two days I was without shower. Yep its always this time of year when something needs to be fixed. This year our hot water heater decided to die on us (TWICE, thats 2 water heaters in 2 weeks). Oh and since it was over 10 years old and the previous owners did most of the "work" on the house themselves, we couldn't just simply put in a new water heater, no.. Instead Joe had to run new plumbing in the garage to fit the new water heaters. You know they are alot taller these days, and pricey.. But hey we have hot water now :)...

So now I'm off to get myself in gear and finish these cards. Hope you all are moving faster than me!

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