Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We had an AWESOME Easter this year.. The boys had so much fun and the weather actually was pretty nice! The boys got lots of stuff in their baskets! Even little Miss Emily got her first Easter basket from her Mamaw!!

Over the past week or so Joe and I have been talking about how blessed our lives are. We have two amazing little boys that take my breathe away every single day! We have the support of an amazing family and some pretty awesome friends! We live in a great home in a wonderful neighborhood (btw my Mothers Days gifts make my house even more awesome - will post pics later!!).. And now we are counting down the days till we are yet blessed again with a new life!

And sometimes tragedy makes you realize how blessed you are. Friday April 10, 2009 and F-4 tornado touched down less than a mile from our house and traveled over 10 miles destroying many homes and taking the life of a mother and her infant daughter. Thank god the boys were home with me and that we were safe. I had just left my doctors appointment and crossed over Thompson lane on my way to my dads to pick the boys up, literally 30 minutes before the tornado touched down, taking out everything along that stretch on Thompson Lane.. By the time I got to dads the hail started, about pea size and it covered the yard, I even took video on my phone not ever thinking a tornado was destroying the road I had just turned off of! Driving through Murfreesboro this weekend and week and seeing the destruction my heart breaks for the family's that lost so much and hugging the boys alittle tighter and thanking god he spared us!

Here is a link to a video that shows the destruction! Please keep the families of the Murfreesboro tornado in your thoughts and prayers! The picture below was taken on Murfreesboro Road/Broad street as the tornado went down Thompson Lane. *I didn't take it, but wanted to share*

Here are some pictures from Easter and also a 10 week comparison picture of "the belly"!!!

Easter Morning

Trying out the new jump ropes

Nicks first taste of pop rocks!

Egg Hunt

Not taking his eyes off the money!

25 Weeks - 35 Weeks

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