Sunday, April 26, 2009

Full Term

So as of today Miss Emily is "technically" full term. Meaning if born today or after she would not be called or considered "pre-term" or "premature" like her brothers. Even though today she turns 37 weeks, if I had my original due date she would be over 38 weeks. But either way she is a healthy little girl and I can't wait to meet her.
Something I'm not use to is this waiting. With both boys their births were a surprise out of the blue. With this pregnancy I was told last week any day now and ever since I swear Joe and I and alot of the family have been on pins and needles waiting for her to come. Even my doctor thought she would come last week or this week. It seems like my "body" is ready, yet it won't just jump the gun. As of Thursday I am a "soft"3cm dilated and 70% effaced. She said Miss Emilys head is now fully engaged and ready, yet I still sit here pregnant.
I'm so glad she has cooked this long and its not like I want her out now, I just hate this minute to minute maybe stuff. I feel like a watched pot sometimes, but I know her daddy and everyone else is just eager to meet her too. So I guess we will see. Right now its up to one very special little girl that I can't wait to meet!
Below are two pictures to show how much she has dropped in 2 weeks!

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