Friday, March 27, 2009

She is all GIRL

We had our 32 week appointment today and ultrasound. The scan was to just check Emily again and make sure she was still showing no signs of the fifths disease or fetal hydrops. The preliminary report gives her a clean bill of health. Of course we have to wait the 7-10 days for the final report from the perinatologist, but my OB said the scan looked great to her and she said she expects for them to come back and clear Emily and hopefully that will be it and we will be done with all that craziness!

Well after 8 ultrasounds little Miss Emily decided to give her mommy and daddy some relief and uncross her little legs and without a doubt show us she is indeed all GIRL.. She must have known mommy had been having dreams that she came out a boy and that daddy was teasing mommy saying we would change the name on the wall to Emril. But after today the ultrasound tech told us 100% there is no denying it!

Miss Emily also weighed in at a good 4lbs 7oz. My OB said this is right on target and she expects us to deliver at full term a 6.5lb to 7lb baby girl! Speaking of full term I have 3 hydroxyprogesterone shots left and Joe and I asked her what to expect after our last shot. Could I go into labor within a week or will it hold me to 40 weeks. My doctors words were "if we make it to 36/37 weeks she will be on cloud nine, and if we make it to 40 weeks it would be like hitting the lottery".. I told her my goal is May 1st and dang it we are gonna get there..hehe They did the fetal fibroectin test today that can show if your gonna go into labor within a 2 week period and thank gosh it came back negative. I was only dilated to about a "finger tip" and the ultrasound showed my cervix was still a "good" length!
So that's about it. I go back in 2 weeks and by then I will be almost 35 weeks! The boys go to their "big Brothers" class out at the hospital and get to tour were mommy and Emily will be on April 8th, and they are so excited.. Also Baseball has started so both Justin and Joes games will kill time and make these last few weeks fly by!

Well here are some pictures of our little angel girl!

My Profile!

See my nose and lips

See Mom and Dad I'm all GIRL

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Brigid Meguiar said...

Hey! She looks perfect and I'm glad things are going so well now. Good luck with these last few weeks, and relax a little because you and Joe will soon be outnumbered!!!