Friday, March 13, 2009


Well technically we are almost 31 weeks! WOW time is flying, I swear since the holidays the days have flown by! I had my 15 shot today, so only 5 left - WOOHOO! I also had my 30 week check-up today and it was GREAT. I got to meet another OB in the practice that might deliver me if my OB is out. Shes the other High Risk OB, Dr. Jones, and she was so sweet! I think I have loved every doctor in this practice that I have met!

Miss Emily looked good. She was still measuring a week ahead, which is great! My blood pressure was good and I have only gained 3lbs in the past month. We are now on every 2 week appointments so you know we are getting close. In two weeks at my next visit I will see my regular OB and have our next scan on Miss Emily to make sure she is still clear of any signs of the fifths disease. I am thinking if she clears this next ultrasound she will be in the clear and we can begin to breathe easy!

Well Justins party is this weekend. Hes having another skate party and is so excited. I can't believe my baby is turning 7 years old. Joe and I busted out the old home videos the other night of both boys births and of course I cried. It really makes me sit back and think and remember and makes me enjoy every second of this pregnancy and the time I have left!

So here is my 30+ week picture!!!

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