Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nursery Is DONE

Well first off I want to update everyone on Miss Emily's ultrasound. We had to wait a week to get the results back from the perinatologist and they called Tuesday to let us know they cleared her scan and saw no signs of the fifths disease. That they wanted to do one more ultrasound when I am 32 weeks pregnant and that if she clears then that she is out of the woods. This has made me soooooo happy. She has really become active and has flipped head down over the past few days, making it hard for mommy to breathe.. But since I'm just getting into the third trimester I have a ways to go!

So Joe and I got to crackin on the nursery over the weekend and finally got it 99.9% DONE!.. It looks so good and it feels so good to walk past her door and look in and see all the PINK :).... I'm also proud of Joe for hand painting all the circles on the walls. Mommy made her curtains and hair bow holder and painted her shelves. So here are a few pictures of Miss Emily's room!

And this is Mommys first attempt at crochet.. Not the best job, but I am proud of myself!

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Brigid Meguiar said...

Cute nursery! And I'm glad the ultrasound turned out good...I had a scare when I was pregnant with Audrey. I worked at a daycare & one of the kids in my room had Fifths Disease- I hadn't even told anyone I was pregnant yet, though! So I had to go get bloodwork done, but everything was fine. It really was scary, though!