Monday, February 16, 2009

Update On Miss Emily

So we had our big ultrasound test today on Miss Emily due to the positive blood work showing I had an active infection of the fifths disease the boys had. Good news is the preliminary report looks good and my OB said she personally didn't see any signs of the blood pooling or the anemia for Miss Emily. But that the test will be sent to the fetal doctors (perinatologist) and we hopefully will get the final report by Friday. She said they will probably order another ultrasound or two just to be safe and keep an eye on our girl!

And speaking of girl, the little heifer did not want to show us the "goods" yet again this visit. But the ultrasound lady said she saw a labia and no "dangly parts" and that she felt she was still indeed a Miss Emily is measuring a healthy 2lbs 8oz and is measuring almost a week ahead, which is awesome. We could see her little chubby cheeks and those big ol feet! It's wild how much she has grown.

We also got registration forms for the boys to go to the siblings class up at the hospital. They get to tour the hospital and learn all about how their little sister will be taken care of in the hospital! Its getting so close and with the good news today on little Miss its becoming so real. Of course I want her to cook till shes full term, but I just can't wait to meet her and hold her. Well here are a couple pictures from today! ENJOY


Big Foot

Chubby Cheeks
They Tell Mommy and Daddy I'm Still A GIRL

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