Sunday, January 22, 2012

Girls night, Boys Weekend!

Friday night the boys took off with daddy, Papaw, Uncle Donnie, & cousin Josh (oh and Tracker the black lab) down to the farm for a "boys" weekend.. I remember these weekends from when I was Nicks age. Full of fishing, bug catching, hiking, squirrel hunting, bonfires, and much more.. This was Nicks first trip to the farm and to say he was excited was an understatement. They had a blast!! I got one phone picture the whole weekend because I guess they were having so much fun, momma was the last thing on their mind until nighttime in front of the bonfire..

They boys came back pooped out, and daddy did too.. Joe said he noticed Justin was having a hard time climbing the hills and didn't seem himself. The lack of energy and some other symptoms over the past few weeks has me wondering if Justin inherited my anemia.. So I'm going to give his pediatrician a call in the morning and see what she thinks.. Other than that I would say the weekend was a success..

So while the boys were off having fun the girls, aka me and Ems, had a girls weekend.. We were lazy, did alittle shopping, played outside (since we are mid January and it was 60 degrees today).. We went to eat Panda House, just her and I.. I'm loving these times and can't wait till we are getting our manicures and checking a "chick flick" out at the movies when the boys take off... Weekend SUCCESS!

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