Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Music makes you feel better!

Justin is on the road to recovery. The antibiotics have seemed to be doing a number on the Pneumonia. His coughing is better, he is eating better than he was, and his pain seems to be on a lower scale! We finally got our appointment with the GI doctor, February 16th.. Now I know why his pediatrician was upset they didn't come see him in the hospital. She said when we have to refer from a doctors office it takes 2 to 3 weeks to get in, and thats with a "rush" order!! Ridiculous

But she is going to do alot of the prep work ahead of time so when we go in to see the GI doctor we will have alot already laid out on the table!! Yesterday we went in for some of the test and next Monday we go back for the big bloodwork test.. These test will show us if his immune system is kicking back in and that his "markers" are lowering.. If they aren't he will not be able to go back to school and we will start looking into some other test!!

I know Justin is missing his friends. He called his BFF today who is also home sick from school with strep.. Justin has been drawing alot to kill time, including these awesome cartoon characters he came up with... (I love the flame throwing on is called "sweet heart"

He also has been playing alot of guitar.. He never was really into it, but has wanted to play and make up song the past few days. I must say hes really good!!!

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