Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines

I hope everyone had a great Valentines day.. After a VERY rough night last night I woke up exhausted and grumpy (I won't lie).. But that soon changed when I got my Valentines gift, a yummy box of chocolates + a Starbucks Gift Card + an amazing card.. I love my husband and kids so much and sometimes just reading words they wrote can make the darkest times so bright..

We had a great day and Justin even got a visit from his BFF Gabe. They exchanged gifts and even got to play for a bit.. I enjoyed having some "mom time" with Gabes mom. We love them so much!!!

After Daddy got home we opened our gifts to each other.. Emily got some candies & a pink bat/ball.. (lord help my wall pictures)...

Nick got some sweets and a "big guy" puzzle (750 pieces).. Needless to say I haven't seen him or Joe in about 2 hours!!

And Justin got some chocolate yummies and his own personal piggy bank.. He asked for one the other day just for him to save all his money.. He already stashed his $20 he got from Vandy in it..lol

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