Monday, February 20, 2012

A "Harry" Weekend!!

This weekend was a fun/lazy one! Saturday Joe and I went to look for me some new tennis shoes and the boys some new bedroom furniture. After out shopping for 5 hours and finding NOTHING in stores I came home and within an hour of looking online I found myself a $70 pair of shoes for $35 (woop woop) and scored the boys the bedroom furniture I wanted! Stinks though we have to wait a week or two for it all to come in. But stay tuned for pictures!! :)

Sunday started off cold and snowy so we opted for a day inside. Boredom set in around lunch so Joe and the kiddos decided to move furniture and have a baseball game inside.. AWESOME!! Then Justin and I snagged us some snacks and had a mini- Harry Potter Marathon!! .

look mom - SNOW

Yep thats about all we got!

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