Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Random Things My Phone Camera Caught!!

Lets just say this has been a very interesting weekend with lots of good and not so good times... Here are a few pictures to capture some of those....

Yes this is my truck - Yes that is the Interstate in the background.. Oh aren't those forced "stops" so much fun.. At least I married a pretty good Mechanic!!!

At dinner this weekend Joe looked over to see Nick tieing his napkin around his neck. He did this all on his own and when I asked for a picture this is what he did.. If you know Nick you know he LOVES to eat.. And now hes ready too!!!

Yep thats Joe laying on the floor with his "helper".. Guess what broke...

See all the water under the refrigerator.. Yea really - Sucks!

So One of our Roosters went crazy bad**s on one of the Hens so he has been evicted from the hens house and is now looking for a new home on craigslist.,.. But until then he temps his fate (aka life) every time Dixie comes outside to pee!!! She has killed 2 chickens in her past.. Beware Mr. Rooster - Yet by the looks hes not afraid!

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