Thursday, February 16, 2012

GI Update

Justins GI appointment today went good! Though we left with no real answers, we do have a game plan. I LOVED his doctor, she was so sweet, she listened, and seemed really concerned and wanted answers!! So basically here is the plan...

Justin has been scheduled for a scope to be done, both down his throat and up his bottom. Literally taking a look from both angles!! This will give her the best chance at getting a direct cause to the pain! While in there she will be looking for numerous could be causes from Chrones Disease, to IBM, to polyps, etc...

Bad news is due to Justins current Pneumonia it will be 6-8 weeks before he can undergo anaesthesia (April 26th to be exact).. In the meantime we will alter his diet alittle and take news meds to alter his "poop".. This will ease the pain some b/c she suspects alot of the pain is from the VERY swollen lymph nobes in his belly, plus the inflamed intestine/colon. Any hard stool, straining, etc will cause him this debilitating pain.. She is hoping too once the Pneumonia infection is gone those lymph nodes will go down alittle!

She also started him on Prevacid for his "chest pain" or our as we suspect acid reflux! Good news is he can return to school next Tuesday and resume normal activity to the degree he can tolerate it. She said if he can only do half days right now thats great. If he wants to play, run, etc he can, but if he hurts to stop!!

So that is our plan! She did mention other test we could do later on, but fingers crossed we won't have to and we will get the cause of all of this with the scope. One that we can manage and keep this from happening again!!

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