Sunday, February 26, 2012


I have been MIA for a few days so I thought I would do a quick update-run though!! Everyone seems to be over this nasty cold we were passing around the past 2 weeks. This timeof year when we have 70 degrees one day and snow flurries the next can work an immune system into a frenzy!! But the runny noses and coughs have subsided and we are ready for warmer days!

Quick Justin update: He did return to school on Tuesday. He made it through the whole day at school Tuesday and Wednesday, though those days he returned home extremely weak and exhausted. Then on Thursday I got a call around noon that he had started hurting on the walk back to the classroom after lunch so his teacher prompted him to try and go potty to see if it helps. After he failed to return to class she sent another student in to check on him and they found Justin doubled over on the floor in extreme pain. His teacher called for the office to bring a wheel chair (since Justin couldn't walk from the pain) and they got him to the office were they called me. I swear from phone call to me walking in the school door was less than 10 minutes! I wont lie I FLEW down old nash hwy!! After a mini-breakdown when I saw one of our favorite teachers/friends standing in the office (she had saw Justin being wheeled to the office and came stayed with him till I got there). I saw her and the look on her face and I lost it. I guess my emotions from the past 2 months got to me (trust me it wasn't the first time), plus on top of that phone call that scared the crap out of me.. So I took Justin home and gave him some pain meds and he went to bed. That evening he was ok, just super weak and sore.. He did return to school Friday, but has been weak and tired all weekend!! I do have a call into his GI to let her know things are not improving much (she had asked me to do this) and to see if we can move up the GI date.. Please pray they can!! We need answers and a treatment plan for Justin. If you could only see him in person you can physically see something is not right, my energetic ball player is frail and weak! But mark my word I WILL GET ANSWERS!!!!

In other news we had some awesome days of weather this week. We played outside in short sleeve shirts and had a blast.. Here are some pics of Emily and Justin (Nick was at school)...

Also sadly on Monday morning our neighbors (2 houses down) house caught fire. By the time our local volunteer fire fighters arrived the house was completely gone. It was so sad to watch them loose every material thing in the house. Please say a prayer for this family!!

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